Episode 335-Kings First 4 Games, Suns Drama and World Series

October 25, 2017

Deuce and Mo return to go over the Kings loss in Phoenix (1:20), the debut of Bogdan Bogdanovic (4:12), Buddy's struggles (6:10), trying to have perspective with this team (9:25), how good De'Aaron Fox has been (11:20), the Kings not getting to the line enough (14:35), Deuce wants to beat the Pelicans and Boogie more than anything (19:00), the cool podcast that they will be doing on Friday (23:50), the drama surrounding the Suns (26:35), Bledsoe's lame tweet (29:30), if a Warriors player cross the lined (34:00), why Steph should've been suspended (36:20), Deuce gives the Grizzlies some love (39:20), when the Sixers will unleash Embiid (42:00), what they expect with the World Series (43:47) and they hit on some NFL topics (50:10).


Episode 334-Kings and NBA season preview

October 18, 2017

Deuce and Mo return to celebrate the start of the NBA season. They look at the Kings season including their strengths and weaknesses (3:50), the Kings rookie who's poised to have the best season (11:25), how much Frank Mason will play (14:00), what would qualify as a successful season for the Kings (16:51), how many wins they expect from the team (23:35), De'Aaron Fox called In-N-Out overrated (25:05), how they'll start the season (30:30), why Deuce thinks a 2-2 start is possible (34:25), they look ahead to Cavs-Celtics (40:10), they get to some pressing NBA topics including if Embiid will play more than 50 games (42:12), if the T-Wolves finally make the playoffs (44:32), if the Spurs will drop off (47:55), what to expect from the Pelicans with Boogie and Davis (51:13), how Utah will compete without Hayward (54:00), the Clippers without CP3 and why Deuce likes them (55:50), the team in the West that will give the Warriors some trouble (58:20), MVP prediction (59:40) and they close with their NBA Finals prediction (1:01:50).


Episode 333-Kings Lineup, Embiid’s Contract and Jerry Jones

October 10, 2017

Deuce and Mo are ready for the NBA regular season start but why the Kings need camp to be longer (1:40), the go over the possible starting lineup (7:02), the Sixers give Embiid a $148 million extension (9:05), the Kings will have issues rebounding and what to expect with the rest of preseason (12:10), NFL week 5 was weird and Deuce and Mo had a huge problem with Jerry Jones (16:48), Deuce thinks Jones is concerned about ratings and explains why he believes ratings are really going down (22:03), if the 49ers can take anything out of playing competitive games (28:20), Morgan is concerned Derek Carr is coming back too soon (30:10), Cooper's struggles (32:40), Deuce thinks Del Rio may be on the hot seat (34:20), Donald Penn got into it with a fan (36:10), the Dolphins coach who resigned for filming himself snorting something (37:45), the big injuries from week 5 (41:00), Alex Smith as an MVP front-runner and why his story is incredible (42:40), if Big Ben is done (45:00) and they close the show reading  a part of Creepy Dan's 150-page book where Deuce dies (49:50).


Episode 332-NBA GM Survey, Z-Bo Loves Fox, and Cam Newton

October 5, 2017

Deuce and Mo talk about the changes made to the NBA All-Star game and if it makes the game more exciting (1:30), the new NBA GM survey came out and some Kings were mentioned (10:00), Deuce shares his brief conversation with Zach Randolph about the Kings young PGs and why he loves Fox (19:40), they get into Cam Newton's comments about a female reporter (23:20), how female reporters have a tough job (29:30), the NFLs major issue with how the Chargers have been received in LA (33:20), they look at some of the big games of Week 5 (36:00), the excitement with the 2017 MLB Wild Card games and they discuss why baseball has seen offensive production go through the roof in 2017 (41:08).


Episode 331-Kings 1st Preseason Game, Carr’s Injury and Week 4

October 4, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing Deuce's decision to leave TV (1:20), Deuce is upset at Morgan for not really giving him any love for the new move (3:20), they look back at the Kings first preseason game against the Spurs (5:00), what they loved about De'Aaron Fox (8:10), what Frank Mason brought to the floor (11:00), our first chance to see Bogdanovic (13:42), the Kings small forward situation (16:00), Westbrook gets a new deal in OKC (19:38), if the Raiders are now done because of Carr's injury (22:30), biggest disappointment: Raiders or Pats (29:40), Deuce talks about the best gift he received on Friday (32:00), the weirdness of the Chiefs-Redskins game (34:20), Brian Hoyer's struggles and if it's time for the 49ers to make a change at QB (35:38), if the Rams are for real (40:40) and they give some love to Matt Cain (42:50).


Episode 330-NBA Training Camp Opens, Melo Trade and Week 3

September 27, 2017

Deuce and Mo return to look back at Kings media day (2:50), they talk day one of training camp and why Vince Carter is Deuce's man crush (6:00), how Joerger will deal with the rotation (10:35), D-Wade lands back with LeBron in Cleveland (13:30), Melo's trade to OKC and what it means for the Western Conference (16:35), the drama surrounding the anthem and how it took over the sports world (25:00), if they're concerned about the Raiders after what happened against Washington (31:15), they give some love to the 49ers (36:45), the WTF games of week 3 (37:45) and Morgan was cool with Odell's celebration (40:30). 


Episode 329-Reunited with Jason Ross

September 20, 2017

Deuce and Mo celebrate Morgan's birthday week by reuniting with their old buddy and co-host Jason Ross (1:00), Morgan insulting J-Ross (1:35), Durant tweeting negative things about the Thunder and using a burner account (2:50), why athletes pay such close attention to social media (7:50), Marshawn's dance moves  and fitting into the Raiders offense (12:30), Todd Downing's offense (15:45), if the defense is better than last year (16:40), the biggest surprise in the NFL through two weeks (18:18), Ben McAdoo calling out Eli (23:10), the issues with Hoyer and how long the 49ers stick with him (26:00) and Zeke Elliott's struggles and how he handled it (28:50). With training camp approaching, they discuss the most intriguing storylines headed into Kings camp (30:58), the young guy most likely to breakout (37:20), why they're excited for the season (40:02) and they close with J-Ross and Morgan going head-to-head in Celebrity Birthdays (47:00).


Episode 328-Look Back At NFL Week 2, Surprises, and RIP “The Brain.”

September 18, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the podcast talking about the Raiders victory over the Jets (2:45), the creativity on offense (3:40), giving some love to the Raiders defense including Joseph, Edwards and Conley (6:22), Marshawn Lynch danced and the Jets were offended (11:18), Deuce makes fun of them (14:38), they talk 49ers-Seahawks and Morgan pokes fun at Deuce for Hoyer's performance (19:00), at what point do the 49ers make a change at QB (23:40), Russell Wilson's impressive performance (24:30), if the Seahawks found their running game (26:35), the Broncos hammer the Cowboys and if Zeke deserves to be punished (27:30), the Broncos surprising people with their 2-0 start (33:30), Deuce spends time slobbering over Romo's performance in the Saints-Pats game (34:14), how Sean Payton can survive this season (36:05), Joe Thomas' incredible streak with the Browns (38:35), the Chiefs looked impressive and Hunt is for real (41:25), how concerned the Vikings should be about Sam Bradford (44:00), the NFL made a huge mistake putting two teams in LA (45:15), the Falcons new stadium (49:20) and they remember the great Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (52:20).


Episode 327-NFL Week 2, Bruce Bochy’s Future and Mailbag

September 15, 2017

Morgan and Deuce  discuss the ugly Thursday Night game (1:25), what's going on with the Bengals offense (3:50), if Marvin Lewis is finally on the hot seat (7:20), what to expect with the Raiders and Jets and if this game will be closer (10:00), 49ers-Seahawks and why Deuce doesn't like the Seahawks offense (17:00), Brian Hoyer is going to have a rough day (18:35), Richard Sherman thinks QB play has been bad in the NFL (22:35), NF-ill In The Blank includes the must-watch game of week 2 (26:15), I'd rather eat a bowl of hair than watch this game (27:25), who will breakout in week 2 (29:35), Adrian Peterson's transition to being a role player (30:10),  who will get benched in week 2 (33:45), other intriguing games in week 2 (35:00), Bruce Bochy's future and players saying he's been negative this year (39:40) and they close with the mailbag including if the NBA is surpassing the NFL (44:30), the athlete/coach who they'd want to teach them for a year (46:50), who are the elite QBs in today's game (48:22), who are Deuce's favorite NFL kickers of all-time (49:40), who are your favorite bald athletes of all-time (53:15), best gifts they've received from listeners (56:05) and who is the best singer on the podcast (57:35).


Episode 326-NFL Hot Seats, Lakers Retire Both of Kobe’s Numbers and Indians Streak

September 14, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce making fun of Morgan's spray tan (00:30), they look at Thursday Night Football (4:30), who's seat is hotter: Dalton's or Bill O'Brien's (8:10), Deuce campaigns for Raiders kicker Giorgio Tavecchio to be the next Bachelor (11:40), Morgan thinks Deuce has a weird fascination with kickers (14:42), how ugly the 49ers-Seahawks will be (17:15), they discuss the Lakers retiring both  of Kobe's numbers and if they have an issue with it (18:30), a special Jersey Edition of Know Your Basketball, Kids (21:40), Zach Randolph won't be going to jail (24:45), Stephon Marbury wants an NBA comeback (27:40), Morgan's not a fan of Durant's new shoes (31:20), why NBA player care about ESPNs NBA rankings (34:20), the Indians set an AL-record with 21 in a row and Morgan thinks a basketball winning streak is more impressive (39:10), how the Giants should honor Vogelsong (45:37) and why the A's are having free admission for their 2018 opening day (48:20).


Episode 325-NFL Week 1 Recap, Great Debuts and Crazy MLB Streaks

September 12, 2017

Deuce and Mo return with Morgan talking about going to cat therapy while in Santa Barbara (00:40), they look back at the Vikings win over the Saints and what Deuce loves up Minnesota (4:00), Adrian Peterson's debut and if he'll last with the Saints (6:00), the awkwardness of Rex Ryan and the sideline reporter on Monday Night Football (16:35), Deuce says it's OK to criticize Sergio Dipp's sideline reporting (19:40), what they liked about the Raiders win in Tennessee and BeastMode's debut (27:05), Deuce goes wild over Tony Romo's broadcasting debut (39:40), 49ers-Panthers and what they liked and disliked (43:05), how they changed when Foster went down (47:05), some of the surprises of week 1 including the Jags big win (52:00), the Rams owning the Colts (55:10),  they discuss why the Indians 19-game winning streak isn't getting much attention (58:35) and Baker Mayfield with the ultimate heel move at Ohio State (1:03:30).


Episode 324-Chiefs Crush Pats, NFL Week 1 and Friday Mailbag

September 8, 2017

Deuce and Mo talk about the Chiefs beat down of the Pats (1:35), Tyreek Hill's speed and if he can be a No.1 WR (4:37), the rookie Kareem Hunt with an incredible game (6:18), Eric Berry looked calm after the Achilles injury (10:20), Deuce has a crush on the Chiefs (12:40), if people should be concerned about the Pats (13:32), they look at the challenges the Raiders face against the Titans (18:05), what Conley can bring in his first game (21:50), if they'd rather have Carr or Marriota (24:10), why they're excited to watch Panthers-49ers and what to expect with Cam Newton and new-look 49ers (28:40), some of the other big games of Week 1 (34:40),  if Gruden could be the next coach of the Colts (36:55), Goodell dodges questions about Kap in a lame way (40:00) and they close with the awesome Friday mailbag (43:20).


Episode 323-NFL Season Is Here, Isaiah’s Letter and Apple Watch

September 7, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show with Mo complaining how hot the studio is which upsets Deuce (00:30), NFL season is here so they look at Pats-Chiefs and Morgan explains why she isn't super excited yet (2:50), Zeke Elliott will play week one and they wonder what's next (9:00), a special edition of NF-ill In The Blank including the most exciting storyline headed into the season (13:40), the must-watch game of week 1 (16:45), the game you should skip to watch HGTV (17:45), who the NFL MVP will be (20:00), which LA team will have a better season (22:25), how Romo will do in the broadcast booth (23:50), Bowman feels disrespected and Deuce loved his comments (25:27), Michael Bennett talks about guns drawing guns on him for no reason (31:40), why they don't really like the Red Sox Apple Watch story (36:10), Morgan says she got emotional reading Isaiah's piece on Players Tribune (38:40), Bryce Harper's cornrows (47:10) and they talk about the new Dancing With The Stars (47:50).


Episode 322-Bold NFL Predictions, College Football Weekend and Seabass

September 5, 2017

Deuce and Mo return to talk about the crazy games in college football over the weekend (2:20), Jason Ross was at UCLA's epic comeback (3:05), how that game proved sports fans and media shouldn't tweet hot takes all the time (4:50), they discussed USC's blind long snapper (9:05), Mo and Deuce debate if you can do anything if you put your mind to it (11:35), the Raiders and Seabass could part ways (16:35), Andrew Luck missing week one and Morgan busts out her lame Luck impersonation (20:40), Brock returns to Denver and why Deuce is now rooting for him (25:05) they go over their 3 bold NFL predictions for the season (32:50) and they tackle (GET IT?! LOL) some important NFL questions headed into the 2017 season (42:30).


Episode 321-Kyrie Hate, Good News for Z-Bo and Weekly Mailbag

September 1, 2017

Deuce and Mo discuss the Kyrie-I.T. trade finally happening and concerns about I.T.'s hip (2:00), NBA excecs and scouts slam Kyrie for some strange reason (7:00), Z-Bo and the Kings get some good news (12:15), the Lakers got fined and how it may be totally worth it (14:00), the 16-year old who has his own shoe and why  it's an issue (18:30) and NFL execs slam Kap and wonder why fans aren't asking about RG3 (27:00). The Weekly Mailbag includes the old Kings player you'd want on the current team (34:10), what sports duo would Deuce and Mo (35:50), if they'd rather of two months of triple digits or two months of freezing temps (37:10), if the Giants are aggressively pursuing Giancarlo Stanton and Deuce loves his nickname (39:35), the most embarrassing moment they've had on air and Deuce claims he doesn't get embarrassed (43:23), someone comes to Deuce's defense for once (47:15) and Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels (49:40).


Episode 320-Former NFL head coach Herm Edwards

August 30, 2017

Deuce and Mo catch up with ESPN NFL analyst Herm Edwards and he immediately goes after Deuce for saying the last preseason game is meaningless (00:40), what he thought of McGregor-Mayweather (5:17), the TV shows he enjoys and why he gave up on Game of Thrones (WARNING-SPOILERS) (7:15), what advice he'd give to Zeke Elliott (10:00), what he thinks of the six-game suspension he received (11:40), if the Raiders can make a deep run with a suspect defense (12:40), if you can win without an elite defense (14:22), his expectations for the Raiders (16:05), why he believes the 49ers will be better (17:55), how the Pats handle the loss of Edelman (20:02), if he's surprised by Matt Stafford's new deal (21:39), why Kap isn't playing in the NFL (23:39),  what it was like to meet Muhammad Ali and the piece of advice Ali gave him (33:25) and his way too-early Super Bowl prediction (36:25) and Herm reminds us that the final preseason game is important and not to watch Game of Thrones (WARNING SPOILER ALERT) (38:00). Morgan talks about a lunch with Larry Baer and how he received the MadBum injury news (43:30). They close talking about Karl-Anthony Towns' expectations and some NBA over/unders that were released (46:15).


Episode 319-Mayweather-McGregor, Major NFL Injuries, Trade Conspiracies

August 29, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the podcast looking back at Mayweather-McGregor (3:20), how lame the crowd was (6:20), if they're more likely to watch boxing now (10:00), they discussed all the injuries in week 3 of the preseason and if it's time to get rid of the preseason (19:00), why Deuce is rooting for the Browns (25:00), he's also super optimistic about the 49ers (29:30), why they're so concerned about the Raiders and if they're destined for a disappointing year (36:00), if Burfict deserves a 5-game suspension (41:32), Kings head coach Dave Joerger talks about how he may distribute minutes (46:30), what may happen if the Isaiah-Kyrie trade falls apart and some wild conspiracy theories (53:32) and if the Giants can really land Stanton (1:03:30).


Episode 318-Baseball Fights Suck and The Weekly Mailbag

August 25, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show discussing Shady McCoy explaining why Kap isn't worth the distraction of being on a team (1:40), Deuce explains why he doesn't being chaos to a team (3:15), Durant explains the pressures players face when they play with LeBron (8:05), LeBron's twitter rant on the burning of jerseys(12:25), Morgan talks about Deuce being upset after a show again (16:20), they discuss the Yankees-Tigers brawl and the stupidity of baseball brawls (17:40), they try to understand why they want to fight (20:55), Deuce and Mo get into a stupid argument (25:20), they get to the Mailbag segment featuring questions about the All-Time Kings team (27:55), if there are any NBA trades that would shock them (32:50), go-shows on NetFlix (34:20), they look at Superfights between famous athletes and give McGregor-Mayweather predictions (40:05).


Episode 317-NFL.com Fantasy Football Guru Marcas Grant and Kyrie-I.T. Fallout

August 24, 2017

Deuce and Mo catch up with NFL.com's Fantasy Football Guru Marcas Grant to talk about the evolution of fantasy football (1:40), how many leagues he plays in (3:25), where Zeke should get drafted (4:30), how Dak's fantasy value is impacted without Zeke (5:20), the Raider he likes most from a fantasy perspective (6:05), where he thinks Marshawn Lynch will bring (7:00), where he'd take Gronk (7:55), if he expects Todd Gurley to bounce back (8:30), what to do with Andrew Luck (9:25), sexy names that he'd shy away from in fantasy football (10:17), some potential sleepers (11:20), if Adrian Peterson can have any fantasy value (12:05), what to expect from Fournette (14:55) and his one piece of advice for fantasy football players (15:25). Deuce and Mo then talk about Donald Penn showing up to practice (17:10), about one report that says Celtics teammates weren't found of I.T. (20:20), some fans burned Isaiah's jersey (21:40), how Danny Ainge's conversation with I.T. went down (24:30), Deuce gets upset at a listener email (26:20), how the Cavs tried to land Klay Thompson (31:10), they go over what was the most shocking NBA trade since February (33:50) and Jon Jones gets popped for steroids but Deuce thinks we'll still see Brock-Jones (39:40).


Emergency Podcast: Kyrie Irving Traded to Celtics for Isaiah Thomas

August 23, 2017

Deuce and Mo host an emergency podcast to talk about the Cavs trading Kyrie Irving to the Celtics for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder,  Ante Zizic and the Nets 1st-round pick. They discussed how Cleveland salvaged their offseason (2:35), what motivated Danny Ainge to trade I.T. (6:30), how the Warriors feel about this deal (11:35), why Isaiah Thomas seems underappreciated by NBA GMs (15:35) and why this NBA offseason has been so awesome. 


Episode 315-Matt Barrows on 49ers season, NFL and Kap

August 22, 2017

Deuce and Mo catch up with 49ers Insider Matt Barrows about the best and worst part of his job (2:50), why he wanted to get into sports media (4:10), what Anquan Boldin meant to the 49ers and if he's a Hall of Famer (5:00), how comfortable rookie Reuben Foster looks (7:20), expectations for Bowman coming off the injury (8:30), the battle between Ahmad Brooks and Eli Harold (10:00), if the 49ers should be concerned about the offensive struggles against Denver's 2nd team defense (11:30), the development of rookie QB CJ Beathard and if we'll see him this season (12:30), if the 49ers can make a big jump this season (13:45), what will be better for the 49ers this season (14:25), the difference between this year and last year (15:30), how the NFC West stacks up (16:50), if he's surprised that Kap hasn't been signed (17:50) and he gives us his way too early Super Bowl prediction (19:25). Deuce and Mo get into the Goodell's 5-year contract extension and why it makes sense (23:00), the Lakers tampering story and Deuce and Mo try to figure out what tampering really is in the NBA (28:30), they go over an awesome fantasy football application (36:20) and they close with a quick SummerSlam recap (40:10).


Episode 314-NFL Predictions, Durant Skipping White House and Friday Mailbag

August 19, 2017

Deuce and Mo talk about people freaking out about a potential NFL lockout (3:00), Marshawn's first media appearance (5:45), Chris Long supporting his teammate during the anthem and what it means (8:22), they get into NF-ill In The Blank with predictions including Marshawn Lynch rushing yards (11:20), the biggest surprise team of 2017 will be the Browns and 49ers (13:30), Joe Thomas tries to name every QB he's had to protect (14:59), who the most disappointing teams will be in 2017 (19:00), the Jags messy QB situation (22:40), Von Miller gives some love to a 49ers player (26:00), Durant says he won't visit the White House (29:30), the lame teacher who told students not to be like Durant and to be like MJ (32:20), the NBA players unveiled their own awards and Deuce wonders how much the players care about these awards (34:40) and they close with the Friday Mailbag with questions about why they wanted to get into sports media (38:30),  the sport they could live without for one year (43:20) and their least favorite popular wrestler (45:58).


Episode 313-Raiders As Contenders, Giancarlo Stanton After Bonds and SummerSlam!

August 17, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show taking about all the bets on the Raiders (2:40), if the Raiders are being overhyped (4:00), Kirk Cousins wants to stay in Washington and they wonder if that means the 49ers are out (8:40), Giancarlo Stanton's awesome season and if he took a shot at Barry Bonds (14:00), the latest on the Kyrie trade chatter and LeBron's future in Cleveland (22:40), they look ahead to WWE SummerSlam (28:20) and they close out with Celebrity Birthdays (36:40).


Episode 312-Kings Schedule, Marshawn Sits and NFL Preseason

August 15, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show celebrating the release of the NBA schedule ( 00:45), moving the home games to 7pm (4:30), Boogie's return to Sacramento in October (5:15), Deuce releases his Top 5 Must-Watch Kings Games (8:50), some of the other intriguing games on the schedule including Paul George's return to Indiana (14:30), Shaq thinks Otto Porter signed with the Kings (17:00), one NBA player says Steph isn't a Top 10 player  and they wonder why some players don't like Steph (19:20), Pablo Sandoval's piece for The Players Tribune and Deuce is enjoying Pablo's return (26:20), Marshawn Lynch sits for the anthem and Michael Bennett explains why he sat (29:40), Thad Lewis gets signed over Kap (38:10), if they're enjoying the preseason and why NFL teams charge so much to go to a preseason game (40:19), the Bucs cut Roberto Aguayo and why the GM should be on the hot seat (43:39), they ask for people for their fantasy football league (48:00) and they give some love to Ric Flair (50:30).


Episode 311-Zeke Suspended, NFL Trades and Friday Mailbag

August 12, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show talking about Morgan's new role and some changes to the podcast (1:30), Zeke Elliott gets suspended for 6 games (6:20), Jerry Jones looks really bad (8:00), how the NFL handled everything (10:40), Deuce wonders why Zeke wasn't charged by our legal system (15:10), they laugh at some of the people who talk about the fantasy football impact and how it changes the Cowboys (16:58), they discuss the big NFL trade with Sammy Watkins getting moved to the Rams and why he may not be happy (21:45), the AFC East has given up (23:20), they go over the NBA schedule for opening night and Christmas Day (25:50), The Rock covers his tattoo and DX celebrates their 20th anniversary (30:18) and they close with the Friday Mailbag (34:20).


Episode 310-Z-Bo Arrested, NBA Schedule Changes and Watson Hype

August 11, 2017

Deuce and Mo return from vacation with the news that Kings big man Zach Randolph was arrested (1:30), why it's frustrating for Kings fans (3:20), why it doesn't make sense that Randolph was selling marijuana (4:15), what they say to the people who think they should cut Randolph (7:50),  the interested feature on Randolph (9:52), the marijuana issue (12:10), if the NBA has officially solved its rest issue with the new schedule (18:40), Barkley calls Kyrie stupid for demanding a trade (24:30), the new MLB jerseys with nicknames on the back (27:40), Deuce said he got a little excited watching preseason football (30:20), the hype around DeShaun Watson (31:00) and they get into a discussion about the challenges for sports leagues  in the future (33:20).


Episode 309-The Lost Episode 295 and Friday Mailbag

August 4, 2017

Deuce and Mo are still on vacation but finally release the unreleased episode 295 where Deuce almost lost his mind (00:30), Deuce claims it was the worst day of his life (5:20), they discuss Dennis Smith's old tweets and the Deuce-Bags and Mo-Rons discover Deuce's MySpace profile from 2007 (8:05). Morgan and Deuce then have a special Friday mailbag including topics on the Kings new assistant GM, their favorite sports movie, best impersonation and Brock-Jon Jones (13:30).


Episode 308-Kings center Kosta Koufos

August 2, 2017

Deuce and Mo continue their vacation week and share a conversation they had with Kings center Kosta Koufos in March about his journey in the NBA for Kings.com (00:40), the first time he touched a basketball (1:20), how basketball helped him following his father's death (1:50), how is mother played such a significant role in his life (2:25), the NBA players he looked up to when he was growing up (3:08), his experience playing with LeBron during open gym (4:05), growing up in Ohio when LeBron was selling out high school games (4:50), playing with CJ McCollum during high school (5:10), when he knew he was going to be in the NBA (6:12), how the draft workouts went for him (6:55), what he remembers from the night he got drafted (7:40), his experience getting as a rookie getting coached by Jerry Sloan (8:30), what he loves about Dave Joerger (9:35), what makes Sacramento so special (10:34), why more big guys don't use the skyhook (13:00), if we'll ever see him shoot threes (13:54), what's better: dunking someone or blocking a dunk attempt (14:47), the best dunker on the Kings (15:35), what he wants to do after he's done playing in the NBA (16:40), what Garrett Temple means to the team (17:32), how he handles social media (18:15), what he's into away from the floor (19:20) and why he considers himself a renaissance man (21:45).


Episode 307-Garrett Temple

July 31, 2017

Deuce and Mo are on vacation week so they play a conversation they had with Kings player Garrett Temple for Kings.com (1:00), the sports he loved growing up (1:50), NBA players he loved watching growing up  (2:45), how his father's journey shaped him (3:45), how he defended JJ Reddick so well in the NCAA tournament (6:20), if he ever questioned his game when he did not get drafted (8:40), what made him keep grinding to live his NBA dream (9:30), when he knew he belonged in the NBA (10:20), what makes Gregg Popovich so special (12:15), who had the biggest impact on him (13:00), some things he does to prepare to defend some of the best players (14:05), if he's ever been star struck before an NBA game (14:50), the biggest challenge when it comes to change the culture in Sacramento (17:00) and where he got his leadership (18:50).


Episode 306-Gruden Comeback, Holdouts, NBA and Friday Mailbag

July 29, 2017

Deuce and Mo's final show before their vacation includes conversations about Jon Gruden's desire comeback to the NFL ( 1:45), if he's being serious about it and what his motivation is (4:05), maybe he's trying to get a raise at ESPN (9:39), Donald Penn doesn't show up Raiders camp (11:25), the Ravens sign a random QB instead of Kap and Flacco talks about Kaepernick (13:50), Odell wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL (16:55), Woj has info on the teams who submitted offers to the Cavs for Kyrie (20:35), McGee re-signs with the Warriors and if they're better than last year (23:05), Deuce congratulates James Harden for getting his Rockets in the rafters (26:20), Deuce mentions that time he went to a strip club with an NFL Hall of Famer (28:30) and they get into the Friday Mailbag (30:00).


Episode 305-Ravens Interested in Kap, Kyrie Ignoring Cavs and Celebrity Birthdays

July 28, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing NFL injuries including Joe Flacco and why Deuce thinks it's a major concern for Baltimore (1:45), Ravens head coach John Harbaugh says the team is looking at Colin Kaepernick (3:20), Deuce and Mo wonder if they're truly interested in his services (5:55), how former 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman may have influence on the decision (8:05), Aaron Rodgers says he's in love again (12:00), Cavs owner Dan Gilbert hates on the Pacers talks about Kyrie's future with the team and Deuce and Mo wonder why Kyrie isn't picking up the team's calls (18:22), how LeBron is trying to play the GM role with the Kyrie trade (20:50), Morgan doesn't understand why some NBA rookies are considered untouchable on the trade market (21:30), Deuce says LeBron needs Kyrie more than ever (23:40), Morgan brings up one of Deuce's biggest weaknesses (27:40), a weird MLB ejection and why some MLB celebrations are great (31:40), they discuss the AAU game on ESPN and why Morgan didn't enjoy it at all (35:07), the problem with today's game but why the NBA is growing in popularity (37:30) and they finish with a special edition of Celebrity Birthdays (42:00).


Episode 304-Kings Talk to Smith, NBA Expansion and Panda Returns

July 27, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the podcast talking about the Kings meeting with former Orlando GM Otis Smith and they discuss some of his past moves (2:15), Adam Silver talks expansion and Deuce and Mo wonder if the Clippers could relocate to Seattle (7:30), Kyrie trade demand influenced by Justin Bieber's pastor (12:31), the latest CTE study and how the NFL has been handling this issue (14:20), if Deuce would let his kids play football (21:50), Morgan says she's trying to go vegan (23:50), a Cowboys player lost his nipple ring during practice (26:12), Julio Jones lost a $100,000 earring in a Lake and hired divers to find it (27:50), Sandoval made his debut with the River Cats and Deuce and Mo discuss the team selling Panda Hats and trading Nunez (33:00).


Episode 303-D-Rose In, Kyrie Out?

July 26, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with Kyrie Watch and if the Celtics really would move Isaiah to get him (1:50), what the Cavs want for him (6:05), the Cavs adding D-Rose and if he can help them (8:10), why Chauncey Billups turned down the Cavs job (12:17), Deuce thinks LeBron and Kyrie need to talk it out but Morgan think they're done (13:48), why Adam Silver doesn't like the drama but Deuce says it's good for the league (18:57), how the Cowboys handled the Lucky Whitehead situation (24:35), Morgan admits to watching pimple popping videos on a regular basis (28:10), the Chargers are working out RG3 but not Kap (30:10) and they close with Truth or Trash including: Brandon Belt is the Giant most likely to get moved (36:20), it's time to be concerned that Andrew Luck is on the PUP list (38:10), the best fit for Kyrie is the Spurs (40:30), Vlade should call the Cavs (42:40), the biggest surprise of the offseason was Paul George landing in OKC (43:55) and happy birthday, Matt LeBlanc! Friends is an overrated sitcom! (45:40).


Episode 302-Kyrie Demands Trade, Phelps vs. Shark and Zeke Suspension?

July 25, 2017

Deuce and Mo return to talk about Kyrie Irving demanding a trade (1:30), Deuce thinks there's more to this story (3:45), the chaos surrounding the Cavs (6:30), how the Cavs should handle this (7:35), they talk about Kyrie not wanting to be Robin to LeBron's batman and Deuce and Mo argue about Batman being a legit superhero (13:54), if Zeke Elliot will be suspended and how Jerry Jones has handled this situation (18:35), they discussed Pablo Sandoval's apology and what they expect from him (25:32), the Conor-Draymond beef (31:20), the Phelps-Shark race and why people were so upset (34:10) and they close talking about WWE's Battleground and the return of The Great Khali (37:45).


Episode 301-Kings Radio Voice Gary Gerould

July 21, 2017

Deuce and Mo catch up with the legendary play-by-play voice of the Kings, Gary Gerould to talk about the Kings and his long career (00:20), how he enjoyed summer league and what he thought of some of the young players (1:40), why Kings fans should be excited but temper expectations (3:40), the addition of the veterans (5:45), he knew from an early age that he wanted to be a broadcaster (7:10), where he got his work ethic (9:10), how Doug Christie took a lot from the G-Man (10:10), how he developed his love for basketball (10:50), his favorite part about calling games and being around a team (12:55), how he landed the Kings job in 1985 (15:10), why he feels so fortunate (20:20), how he came up with "He's got the bucket!" (22:30), what the original ARCO was like (24:00), games that stick out to him over his 33-years with the team (26:30), the fun and challenge that came with calling games during the great years (30:25), what made those teams so special (31:30) and what keeps him going (33:35). Deuce and Mo close the show with the Friday mailbag including OJ Simpson, Pablo Sandoval, Shane McMahon and Linkin Park (37:00).


Episode 300-Jerry Reynolds on Kings Offseason and NBA Free Agency

July 20, 2017

Deuce and Mo celebrate episode 300 with the return of Jerry Reynolds to talk why he likes the addition of George Hill (1:10), what Larry Bird told him about Hill (2:10), what he thinks of the addition of Zach Randolph (3:35), what Vince Carter adds to the roster (5:40), how to balance playing time with vets and young players (8:05), he says Bogdonovic reminds him of Jim Paxson (9:15), Deuce pitches a catch phrase to Jerry (10:25), how he watched so much summer league (11:10), players he enjoyed watching (12:57), why he was impressed with Dennis Smith (14:00), Lonzo's passing ability (16:05), what he thought of De'Aaron Fox and what he could've done better (17:10), why Justin Jackson impressed him (18:40), why he's not sure CP3 will work in Houston (22:40), how Paul George fits in OKC (24:40), what he thinks about Rudy landing in San Antonio (26:40), if Hayward puts Boston over the top in the East (27:50), the T-Wolves have to be a playoff team (29:15), why he doesn't think Utah will drop off much (30:15) and if any team has a chance against Golden State (33:05).


Episode 299-Vick on Kap’s Hair, Kurt Cousins and Kings Jerseys

July 19, 2017

Deuce and Mo address Michael Vick's comments about why Kap should change his hairstyle to be presentable (2:00), why he doesn't believe Kap is being blackballed (4:50),  hairstyles in sports (7:10), why Bruce Allen called Kirk Cousins "Kurt" and if the 49ers will go after Cousins (14:40),  the most bizarre NFL story ever (21:30), Lonzo Ball winning the summer league MVP and Lakers winning the summer league (23:45), Deuce explains why it's good for LA (26:30), LeBron's frustration with the Cavs and if they should be concerned about him leaving (28:28), the new-look Nike Kings jerseys (33:30) and they close with Truth or Trash including Le'Veon Bell's future in Pittsburgh (35:50), Embiid NBA2K player rating should be higher (40:50), Lonzo Ball is the front-runner for rookie of the year (42:56) and Kurt Angle being Jason Jordan's dad is a great storyline (43:40).


Episode 298-Who is Bogdan Bogdanovic?

July 18, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with International Basketball writer David Pick (1:20), he explains why he is so high on Bogdan and why he's the real deal (1:50), fans actually named a star after him (3:30), some of his great moments from last season (4:10), where he would've been drafted in this years draft (5:45), why all he could thrive in the NBA (8:20), what his ceiling is in the NBA (9:12), what his toughest adjustment will be in the NBA (10:15), his defensive ability (11:30), how his Turkish team tried everything to keep him there (14:40) and how he is as a teammate (16:20). Deuce and Mo then talk about LaVar Ball ranting about De'Aaron Fox (20:00), the surprise news of the Rockets being up for sale (22:50), Rondo landing with the Pelicans (26:41), the A's trading Sean Doolittle and Deuce's bad joke (29:00) and Pablo wants to return to the Giants (34:00).


Episode 297-Kings Lose Scott Perry, Sandoval Out of Boston and Friday Mailbag

July 15, 2017

Deuce and Mo start with the official news that Kings Exec VP of basketball operations Scott Perry is leaving for the Knicks GM job (1:50), how he helped the Kings during his 3 months (2:20), Perry's tough job in New York (6:46), why the Kings allowed the Knicks to interview him (7:30), if the Kings could've promoted him (10:00), and if they could've given him a raise to stay (10:40). They talked about how the Pacers tried to send Paul George to the Warriors (13:00), Deuce presents a special edition of Know Your Basketball, Kids about this significant day in NBA history (16:20), Morgan doesn't get how Deuce was excited about Dennis Smith's dunk ATTEMPT (20:55), the chat room makes fun of Deuce's shirt (25:00), the Red Sox get rid of Pablo Sandoval and they wonder why it all fell apart for him (25:35), Deuce explains how Pablo can turn around his career (28:30), if any of the Giants players are untouchable (32:50) and they finish with some creative emails in the Friday Mailbag (37:00).


Episode 296-Bogdan Arrives and Scott Perry to the Knicks?

July 14, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with the Woj bomb that Kings executive VP Scott Perry may be headed to the Knicks as their new GM (00:52), why the Kings would really miss Perry (3:15), why Deuce is all over the Bogdan bandwagon but doesn't like that people say he looks like him (4:00), how he'll fit in with this roster (8:15), Big Papa tries to send a message to the haters (10:50), the Pelicans trying to reunite Rondo with Boogie (13:45), if Simmons will decide to leave the Spurs (17:00), Lonzo's monster night and why Deuce wasn't totally impressed (19:50),  if they watched the ESPYs (26:40), Mark Cuban admits to passing on The Greek Freak  (28:05), Adam Silver's thoughts on a Top 16 playoffs (30:25), if the Raiders could get Calvin Johnson (32:35), the NFL head coach who admitted to drinking paint (33:20) and the 2nd McGregor-Mayweather tour (36:21). 


Episode 295-James Ham on Kings Offseason, NBA Changes and Truth OR Trash

July 13, 2017

Deuce and Mo explain what happened with Tuesday's lost podcast (00:20), they welcome in Kings Insider James Ham to talk about the most significant move of the offseason (2:40), why Vince Carter, Z-Bo and George Hill were interested in coming to Sacramento (4:05), how the vets can be mentors and can play (7:25), how the Kings handle Fox's minutes with Hill on the roster (9:40), Scott Perry's influence on the offseason (12:10),  how Vlade has improved (13:40), why he thinks Fox is going to be really good and he talked about Fox's growth plates (17:00), who stood out to him in Vegas (19:25), why he really likes Justin Jackson (21:55), how Malachi and Papagiannis fit in (26:05) and why James is cautiously optimistic about the Kings future (30:20). Deuce and Mo talk about why happened to the original episode 295 (34:10), the NBA rule changes and why it makes sense (38:30), the MLB All-Star game (46:05), the McGregor-Mayweather press conference and why Deuce took issue with some of McGregor's comments (48:00) and a special edition of Truth or Trash (50:20).


Episode 294-Summer League Impressions, Vegas and Max Deals

July 11, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing the NBA's popularity during the offseason (1:15), they talk about what jumped out to them during the Kings summer league games (2:35), what they saw in Fox (3:25), the shooting struggles from Hield and Jackson (6:00), what they thought of Frank Mason (8:15), Harry Giles not playing in the summer league and why it makes sense (9:00), how the 2nd year guys looked and Papa's struggles (12:10), Malachi goes down and how he fits with the roster (15:15), seeing Vince Carter not the Kings bench (19:25), they talked about the best part of the Vegas trip and the game they played on the plane (19:50), the atmosphere at Lonzo's first game and Morgan thought LaVar got too much attention (22:15), why they love summer league so much (23:55), James Harden's super max deal (25:20), Isaiah wants the max and Deuce wonders if the Celtics will commit to him (28:20), how Crowder and Hayward will get along (33:25), Embiid fined for comments on social media and Deuce and Mo ask if it's fair (34:30), the T-Wolves adding Jamal Crawford (37:20), the Knicks front office remains a mess (38:55) and they close talking about the San Francisco Giants awful season (43:20).


Episode 293-Vegas Edition with Jason Ross

July 8, 2017

Deuce, Morgan and Jason Ross do the podcast from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for NBA Summer League. They discussed the Kings adding Vince Carter and what he can bring to the team (2:10), why Jason loves the addition of Zach Randolph (6:05), how George Hill will fit for the Kings and why he can help the team (9:00), what they think of the Kings offseason (15:50), how the team balances the veterans and the young guys (19:10), why Deuce is excited about where the team could be headed (21:10), Rudy Gay landing in San Antonio (24:20), if they're OK with the Kings not getting Otto Porter (28:50), how some teams have used their cap space (33:05), the changes the Celtics had to make (35:10), they discuss what they're looking forward to with summer league (36:40) and they close with the Friday Mailbag (42:15).


Episode-292-NBA Free Agency, Deuce’s B-Day and McGee and the Kings?!

July 7, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the podcast with Deuce honoring himself because it's his 29th birthday (00:20),  what they make of the Kings meeting with JaVale McGee and if he fits with the team (3:40), what it would take for the Kings to land Jae Crowder from Boston (9:00), if the Kings are trying to trade some of their bigs (12:12), the small forward options (18:10), Rudy Gay's options (21:00), if Carroll makes sense for Sacramento (22:50), the Celtics adding Hayward (24:35), Hayward's letter to Utah fans (28:45), how Utah will adjust after Hayward (30:00), the Clippers landing Gallinari (32:40), what's going on with the Cavs front office (35:30), what they're looking forward to with Vegas Summer League (44:00) and a special edition of celebrity birthdays (52:00).


Episode 291-Kings Sign George Hill and Zach Randolph

July 5, 2017

Deuce and Mo come together for an emergency 4th of July podcast to discuss the Kings signing George Hill and Zach Randolph (00:10), what they like about the Hill signing (2:40), why Gregg Popovich said Hill was his favorite player (5:10), how he had a similar role in Utah (6:20), why they're cool with the contract he got (9:30), they discuss the Kings adding Zach Randolph (13:30), what they think he can add to the Kings (15:40), what it means for the minutes for the young guys (18:45), what it means for next year's draft (24:20), how the Kings can address their need at small forward and they go over some potential options (27:30) and why they're feeling good about the moves (32:45).


Episode 290-Kings Offer Porter Max and NBA Free Agency

July 4, 2017

Morgan and Deuce kick off the podcast talking about the Kings offering Otto Porter a max-deal (1:20), they wonder if Washington would match an offer based on Wall's comments about Porter (3:22), if Porter is worth a max-deal and what they like and dislike about him (5:14), how the Kings have managed their cap space (16:00), how much Scott Perry has helped the Kings front office and losing out on Iguodala (20:20), if they would rather have Simmons or Porter (21:05), the Kings interest in Vince Carter and why they would like the addition (24:50) and what they would like about Zach Randolph with the Kings (27:10), they discuss adding bad contracts (32:00). They look around the rest of the league including Paul George landing in OKC (34:30), Denver adding Millsap (38:40), Blake getting max-money to stay in LA (40:10), Utah's moves and why it makes sense for Hayward to go to the East (43:40), Deuce is obsessed with Minnesota (45:10), Jrue Holiday gets big money in New Orleans (48:10), the Warriors re-sign all of their guys and why LeBron says Steph deserves $400 million (49:20), if the Sixers are now a playoff team (53:40), what the Raptors are trying to do (57:50) and what Boston is trying to do (1:01:20).


Episode 289-Scot Pollard, Free Agency Preview & Mailbag

July 1, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the podcast discussing if Christmas Eve is better than Free Agency Eve (2:02), where Lowry may end up (4:40), what's next for the Clippers (6:55), how Blake would be interesting in Phoenix (7:35) and they play "Where he should go/Where will he go" with NBA free agents including Hayward, Blake, Paul George, Melo and Lowry (10:20). Bogdan's deal is better than we thought (21:05), some PGs the Kings should go after (22:50), if the Kings should take on Tyler Johnson's contract (27:15), they go over small forward free agents the Kings should look at (28:50) and if Millsap or Gallinari make sense for Sacramento (31:20).  Scot Pollard joined Deuce and Mo (36:20), what he loves about Frank Mason (37:55), the maturity of Fox (40:20), Pollard's movie and the inspiration behind it (41:00), Doug Christie interrupts (46:25), the temptations for NBA players (47:00), how surreal it is to see former teammates involved with the Kings (49:50), why he thinks this draft is the one where Vlade turned things around (51:30), the decision to move Cousins (52:10) and what makes Vlade a special person (53:40). They close with the Friday mailbag (55:20).


Episode 288-Kings Free Agent Possibilities, Kings VP of BBall Ops Scott Perry & CP3 Fallout

June 30, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show with Mo mentioning that Deuce got schooled by a 12-year old (00:20), why Jimmy Butler gave out his number at a press conference and what it would take for Morgan to give out her number (2:20), the drama involving Chris Paul despising Doc Rivers (7:00), why CP3 didn't want to go to the Spurs (11:10), the Rockets explain the motivation behind the trade (11:50), why Gordon Hayward would think about Miami (13:40), the Knicks may bring back a familiar face (17:12), the Kings made the right decision by not adding Ryan Anderson (18:20), they talk about the Kings rookies getting numbers, history behind the numbers and why Morgan doesn't mind them giving out Boogie's old number (19:40), Deuce doesn't understand the fascination with jersey numbers (22:35) and they look at Ben McLemore's Kings tenure, what went wrong and what's next (25:00). Deuce and Mo share their chat with Sacramento Kings VP of Basketball Operations Scott Perry about the prep going into draft night (29:40), what they felt when they saw Fox there at No. 5 (30:50), why they traded for No. 15 and No. 20 (31:20), how surprising it was that Frank Mason was available (32:05) and his message to Kings fans (32:45). Morgan and Deuce talk about free agent possibilities for the Kings (35:50), if Morgan's heart hurt for Jeff Fisher (47:30) and Deuce gives love to the Cubs (50:00).


Episode 287-Kings Land Bogdanovic, Chris Paul Traded and Phil is out

June 29, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing the wild Chris Paul trade to Houston (1:20), if Blake will return to LA (4:12), CP3's legacy in LA (5:00), how Harden and Paul will fit together (6:20), how Paul can fit with D'Antoni's system (9:10), if the Rockets can compete with the Warriors if they also add George or Melo (11:00), the offseason being more interested than the postseason (16:40), if the Kings should go after Ryan Anderson (17:45), the Kings finally land Bogdan Bogdanovic (21:35), what they expect from him (22:40), Deuce wants the Kings to sign Bojan Bogdanovic (25:05), what the Kings will do at the shooting guard spot (26:52), why Phil Jackson did not work with the Knicks (36:45) and why Deuce doesn't mind Bogdanovic's contract (41:52).


Episode 286-Jerry Rice with Deuce & Mo

June 28, 2017

Deuce and Mo caught up with Hall of Famer Jerry Rice at the Kings Golf Invitational (2:10), he talks about his golf game and running into Spud Webb (2:50), how he would do in today's NFL (3:30), the gloves wide receivers use (4:10), what he thinks about celebrations returning to the league (6:35), what he thinks of the 49ers hiring John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan (7:15), how he feels about their new culture and what Eddie D tried to do during his time as an owner (9:00), what made Eddie D so special (9:40), how he feels about the Brady-Montana comparisons and how he would date Joe Montana if he was a girl  (10:45), why he's bummed about the Raiders going to Las Vegas (12:10) and what it was like playing for Bill Wash (13:55). Deuce and Mo then reflect on why they liked the NBA Award Show (17:20), John Wall wants Paul George and dumped on Otto Porter at the same time (23:18), one NBA writer should be banned from voting (27:10), if the Kings should try get Rudy Gay back on a short-term deal (29:20), Deuce wondered if it was bad that Tom Brady was voted No. 1 in the NFLs Top 100 (31:40), what the San Francisco Giants need to do and how stretching may have caused chemistry issues (34:50) and they close with Truth OR Trash including Zeke Elliott is the most impressive athlete in the Body Issue (41:00), the Cavs should go all-in on Paul George (42:50) and LaVar Ball was great on WWE's Monday Night Raw (45:00).