Episode 303-D-Rose In, Kyrie Out?

July 26, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with Kyrie Watch and if the Celtics really would move Isaiah to get him (1:50), what the Cavs want for him (6:05), the Cavs adding D-Rose and if he can help them (8:10), why Chauncey Billups turned down the Cavs job (12:17), Deuce thinks LeBron and Kyrie need to talk it out but Morgan think they're done (13:48), why Adam Silver doesn't like the drama but Deuce says it's good for the league (18:57), how the Cowboys handled the Lucky Whitehead situation (24:35), Morgan admits to watching pimple popping videos on a regular basis (28:10), the Chargers are working out RG3 but not Kap (30:10) and they close with Truth or Trash including: Brandon Belt is the Giant most likely to get moved (36:20), it's time to be concerned that Andrew Luck is on the PUP list (38:10), the best fit for Kyrie is the Spurs (40:30), Vlade should call the Cavs (42:40), the biggest surprise of the offseason was Paul George landing in OKC (43:55) and happy birthday, Matt LeBlanc! Friends is an overrated sitcom! (45:40).


Episode 302-Kyrie Demands Trade, Phelps vs. Shark and Zeke Suspension?

July 25, 2017

Deuce and Mo return to talk about Kyrie Irving demanding a trade (1:30), Deuce thinks there's more to this story (3:45), the chaos surrounding the Cavs (6:30), how the Cavs should handle this (7:35), they talk about Kyrie not wanting to be Robin to LeBron's batman and Deuce and Mo argue about Batman being a legit superhero (13:54), if Zeke Elliot will be suspended and how Jerry Jones has handled this situation (18:35), they discussed Pablo Sandoval's apology and what they expect from him (25:32), the Conor-Draymond beef (31:20), the Phelps-Shark race and why people were so upset (34:10) and they close talking about WWE's Battleground and the return of The Great Khali (37:45).


Episode 301-Kings Radio Voice Gary Gerould

July 21, 2017

Deuce and Mo catch up with the legendary play-by-play voice of the Kings, Gary Gerould to talk about the Kings and his long career (00:20), how he enjoyed summer league and what he thought of some of the young players (1:40), why Kings fans should be excited but temper expectations (3:40), the addition of the veterans (5:45), he knew from an early age that he wanted to be a broadcaster (7:10), where he got his work ethic (9:10), how Doug Christie took a lot from the G-Man (10:10), how he developed his love for basketball (10:50), his favorite part about calling games and being around a team (12:55), how he landed the Kings job in 1985 (15:10), why he feels so fortunate (20:20), how he came up with "He's got the bucket!" (22:30), what the original ARCO was like (24:00), games that stick out to him over his 33-years with the team (26:30), the fun and challenge that came with calling games during the great years (30:25), what made those teams so special (31:30) and what keeps him going (33:35). Deuce and Mo close the show with the Friday mailbag including OJ Simpson, Pablo Sandoval, Shane McMahon and Linkin Park (37:00).


Episode 300-Jerry Reynolds on Kings Offseason and NBA Free Agency

July 20, 2017

Deuce and Mo celebrate episode 300 with the return of Jerry Reynolds to talk why he likes the addition of George Hill (1:10), what Larry Bird told him about Hill (2:10), what he thinks of the addition of Zach Randolph (3:35), what Vince Carter adds to the roster (5:40), how to balance playing time with vets and young players (8:05), he says Bogdonovic reminds him of Jim Paxson (9:15), Deuce pitches a catch phrase to Jerry (10:25), how he watched so much summer league (11:10), players he enjoyed watching (12:57), why he was impressed with Dennis Smith (14:00), Lonzo's passing ability (16:05), what he thought of De'Aaron Fox and what he could've done better (17:10), why Justin Jackson impressed him (18:40), why he's not sure CP3 will work in Houston (22:40), how Paul George fits in OKC (24:40), what he thinks about Rudy landing in San Antonio (26:40), if Hayward puts Boston over the top in the East (27:50), the T-Wolves have to be a playoff team (29:15), why he doesn't think Utah will drop off much (30:15) and if any team has a chance against Golden State (33:05).


Episode 299-Vick on Kap’s Hair, Kurt Cousins and Kings Jerseys

July 19, 2017

Deuce and Mo address Michael Vick's comments about why Kap should change his hairstyle to be presentable (2:00), why he doesn't believe Kap is being blackballed (4:50),  hairstyles in sports (7:10), why Bruce Allen called Kirk Cousins "Kurt" and if the 49ers will go after Cousins (14:40),  the most bizarre NFL story ever (21:30), Lonzo Ball winning the summer league MVP and Lakers winning the summer league (23:45), Deuce explains why it's good for LA (26:30), LeBron's frustration with the Cavs and if they should be concerned about him leaving (28:28), the new-look Nike Kings jerseys (33:30) and they close with Truth or Trash including Le'Veon Bell's future in Pittsburgh (35:50), Embiid NBA2K player rating should be higher (40:50), Lonzo Ball is the front-runner for rookie of the year (42:56) and Kurt Angle being Jason Jordan's dad is a great storyline (43:40).


Episode 298-Who is Bogdan Bogdanovic?

July 18, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with International Basketball writer David Pick (1:20), he explains why he is so high on Bogdan and why he's the real deal (1:50), fans actually named a star after him (3:30), some of his great moments from last season (4:10), where he would've been drafted in this years draft (5:45), why all he could thrive in the NBA (8:20), what his ceiling is in the NBA (9:12), what his toughest adjustment will be in the NBA (10:15), his defensive ability (11:30), how his Turkish team tried everything to keep him there (14:40) and how he is as a teammate (16:20). Deuce and Mo then talk about LaVar Ball ranting about De'Aaron Fox (20:00), the surprise news of the Rockets being up for sale (22:50), Rondo landing with the Pelicans (26:41), the A's trading Sean Doolittle and Deuce's bad joke (29:00) and Pablo wants to return to the Giants (34:00).


Episode 297-Kings Lose Scott Perry, Sandoval Out of Boston and Friday Mailbag

July 15, 2017

Deuce and Mo start with the official news that Kings Exec VP of basketball operations Scott Perry is leaving for the Knicks GM job (1:50), how he helped the Kings during his 3 months (2:20), Perry's tough job in New York (6:46), why the Kings allowed the Knicks to interview him (7:30), if the Kings could've promoted him (10:00), and if they could've given him a raise to stay (10:40). They talked about how the Pacers tried to send Paul George to the Warriors (13:00), Deuce presents a special edition of Know Your Basketball, Kids about this significant day in NBA history (16:20), Morgan doesn't get how Deuce was excited about Dennis Smith's dunk ATTEMPT (20:55), the chat room makes fun of Deuce's shirt (25:00), the Red Sox get rid of Pablo Sandoval and they wonder why it all fell apart for him (25:35), Deuce explains how Pablo can turn around his career (28:30), if any of the Giants players are untouchable (32:50) and they finish with some creative emails in the Friday Mailbag (37:00).


Episode 296-Bogdan Arrives and Scott Perry to the Knicks?

July 14, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with the Woj bomb that Kings executive VP Scott Perry may be headed to the Knicks as their new GM (00:52), why the Kings would really miss Perry (3:15), why Deuce is all over the Bogdan bandwagon but doesn't like that people say he looks like him (4:00), how he'll fit in with this roster (8:15), Big Papa tries to send a message to the haters (10:50), the Pelicans trying to reunite Rondo with Boogie (13:45), if Simmons will decide to leave the Spurs (17:00), Lonzo's monster night and why Deuce wasn't totally impressed (19:50),  if they watched the ESPYs (26:40), Mark Cuban admits to passing on The Greek Freak  (28:05), Adam Silver's thoughts on a Top 16 playoffs (30:25), if the Raiders could get Calvin Johnson (32:35), the NFL head coach who admitted to drinking paint (33:20) and the 2nd McGregor-Mayweather tour (36:21). 


Episode 295-James Ham on Kings Offseason, NBA Changes and Truth OR Trash

July 13, 2017

Deuce and Mo explain what happened with Tuesday's lost podcast (00:20), they welcome in Kings Insider James Ham to talk about the most significant move of the offseason (2:40), why Vince Carter, Z-Bo and George Hill were interested in coming to Sacramento (4:05), how the vets can be mentors and can play (7:25), how the Kings handle Fox's minutes with Hill on the roster (9:40), Scott Perry's influence on the offseason (12:10),  how Vlade has improved (13:40), why he thinks Fox is going to be really good and he talked about Fox's growth plates (17:00), who stood out to him in Vegas (19:25), why he really likes Justin Jackson (21:55), how Malachi and Papagiannis fit in (26:05) and why James is cautiously optimistic about the Kings future (30:20). Deuce and Mo talk about why happened to the original episode 295 (34:10), the NBA rule changes and why it makes sense (38:30), the MLB All-Star game (46:05), the McGregor-Mayweather press conference and why Deuce took issue with some of McGregor's comments (48:00) and a special edition of Truth or Trash (50:20).


Episode 294-Summer League Impressions, Vegas and Max Deals

July 11, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing the NBA's popularity during the offseason (1:15), they talk about what jumped out to them during the Kings summer league games (2:35), what they saw in Fox (3:25), the shooting struggles from Hield and Jackson (6:00), what they thought of Frank Mason (8:15), Harry Giles not playing in the summer league and why it makes sense (9:00), how the 2nd year guys looked and Papa's struggles (12:10), Malachi goes down and how he fits with the roster (15:15), seeing Vince Carter not the Kings bench (19:25), they talked about the best part of the Vegas trip and the game they played on the plane (19:50), the atmosphere at Lonzo's first game and Morgan thought LaVar got too much attention (22:15), why they love summer league so much (23:55), James Harden's super max deal (25:20), Isaiah wants the max and Deuce wonders if the Celtics will commit to him (28:20), how Crowder and Hayward will get along (33:25), Embiid fined for comments on social media and Deuce and Mo ask if it's fair (34:30), the T-Wolves adding Jamal Crawford (37:20), the Knicks front office remains a mess (38:55) and they close talking about the San Francisco Giants awful season (43:20).


Episode 293-Vegas Edition with Jason Ross

July 8, 2017

Deuce, Morgan and Jason Ross do the podcast from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for NBA Summer League. They discussed the Kings adding Vince Carter and what he can bring to the team (2:10), why Jason loves the addition of Zach Randolph (6:05), how George Hill will fit for the Kings and why he can help the team (9:00), what they think of the Kings offseason (15:50), how the team balances the veterans and the young guys (19:10), why Deuce is excited about where the team could be headed (21:10), Rudy Gay landing in San Antonio (24:20), if they're OK with the Kings not getting Otto Porter (28:50), how some teams have used their cap space (33:05), the changes the Celtics had to make (35:10), they discuss what they're looking forward to with summer league (36:40) and they close with the Friday Mailbag (42:15).


Episode-292-NBA Free Agency, Deuce’s B-Day and McGee and the Kings?!

July 7, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the podcast with Deuce honoring himself because it's his 29th birthday (00:20),  what they make of the Kings meeting with JaVale McGee and if he fits with the team (3:40), what it would take for the Kings to land Jae Crowder from Boston (9:00), if the Kings are trying to trade some of their bigs (12:12), the small forward options (18:10), Rudy Gay's options (21:00), if Carroll makes sense for Sacramento (22:50), the Celtics adding Hayward (24:35), Hayward's letter to Utah fans (28:45), how Utah will adjust after Hayward (30:00), the Clippers landing Gallinari (32:40), what's going on with the Cavs front office (35:30), what they're looking forward to with Vegas Summer League (44:00) and a special edition of celebrity birthdays (52:00).


Episode 291-Kings Sign George Hill and Zach Randolph

July 5, 2017

Deuce and Mo come together for an emergency 4th of July podcast to discuss the Kings signing George Hill and Zach Randolph (00:10), what they like about the Hill signing (2:40), why Gregg Popovich said Hill was his favorite player (5:10), how he had a similar role in Utah (6:20), why they're cool with the contract he got (9:30), they discuss the Kings adding Zach Randolph (13:30), what they think he can add to the Kings (15:40), what it means for the minutes for the young guys (18:45), what it means for next year's draft (24:20), how the Kings can address their need at small forward and they go over some potential options (27:30) and why they're feeling good about the moves (32:45).


Episode 290-Kings Offer Porter Max and NBA Free Agency

July 4, 2017

Morgan and Deuce kick off the podcast talking about the Kings offering Otto Porter a max-deal (1:20), they wonder if Washington would match an offer based on Wall's comments about Porter (3:22), if Porter is worth a max-deal and what they like and dislike about him (5:14), how the Kings have managed their cap space (16:00), how much Scott Perry has helped the Kings front office and losing out on Iguodala (20:20), if they would rather have Simmons or Porter (21:05), the Kings interest in Vince Carter and why they would like the addition (24:50) and what they would like about Zach Randolph with the Kings (27:10), they discuss adding bad contracts (32:00). They look around the rest of the league including Paul George landing in OKC (34:30), Denver adding Millsap (38:40), Blake getting max-money to stay in LA (40:10), Utah's moves and why it makes sense for Hayward to go to the East (43:40), Deuce is obsessed with Minnesota (45:10), Jrue Holiday gets big money in New Orleans (48:10), the Warriors re-sign all of their guys and why LeBron says Steph deserves $400 million (49:20), if the Sixers are now a playoff team (53:40), what the Raptors are trying to do (57:50) and what Boston is trying to do (1:01:20).


Episode 289-Scot Pollard, Free Agency Preview & Mailbag

July 1, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the podcast discussing if Christmas Eve is better than Free Agency Eve (2:02), where Lowry may end up (4:40), what's next for the Clippers (6:55), how Blake would be interesting in Phoenix (7:35) and they play "Where he should go/Where will he go" with NBA free agents including Hayward, Blake, Paul George, Melo and Lowry (10:20). Bogdan's deal is better than we thought (21:05), some PGs the Kings should go after (22:50), if the Kings should take on Tyler Johnson's contract (27:15), they go over small forward free agents the Kings should look at (28:50) and if Millsap or Gallinari make sense for Sacramento (31:20).  Scot Pollard joined Deuce and Mo (36:20), what he loves about Frank Mason (37:55), the maturity of Fox (40:20), Pollard's movie and the inspiration behind it (41:00), Doug Christie interrupts (46:25), the temptations for NBA players (47:00), how surreal it is to see former teammates involved with the Kings (49:50), why he thinks this draft is the one where Vlade turned things around (51:30), the decision to move Cousins (52:10) and what makes Vlade a special person (53:40). They close with the Friday mailbag (55:20).


Episode 288-Kings Free Agent Possibilities, Kings VP of BBall Ops Scott Perry & CP3 Fallout

June 30, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show with Mo mentioning that Deuce got schooled by a 12-year old (00:20), why Jimmy Butler gave out his number at a press conference and what it would take for Morgan to give out her number (2:20), the drama involving Chris Paul despising Doc Rivers (7:00), why CP3 didn't want to go to the Spurs (11:10), the Rockets explain the motivation behind the trade (11:50), why Gordon Hayward would think about Miami (13:40), the Knicks may bring back a familiar face (17:12), the Kings made the right decision by not adding Ryan Anderson (18:20), they talk about the Kings rookies getting numbers, history behind the numbers and why Morgan doesn't mind them giving out Boogie's old number (19:40), Deuce doesn't understand the fascination with jersey numbers (22:35) and they look at Ben McLemore's Kings tenure, what went wrong and what's next (25:00). Deuce and Mo share their chat with Sacramento Kings VP of Basketball Operations Scott Perry about the prep going into draft night (29:40), what they felt when they saw Fox there at No. 5 (30:50), why they traded for No. 15 and No. 20 (31:20), how surprising it was that Frank Mason was available (32:05) and his message to Kings fans (32:45). Morgan and Deuce talk about free agent possibilities for the Kings (35:50), if Morgan's heart hurt for Jeff Fisher (47:30) and Deuce gives love to the Cubs (50:00).


Episode 287-Kings Land Bogdanovic, Chris Paul Traded and Phil is out

June 29, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing the wild Chris Paul trade to Houston (1:20), if Blake will return to LA (4:12), CP3's legacy in LA (5:00), how Harden and Paul will fit together (6:20), how Paul can fit with D'Antoni's system (9:10), if the Rockets can compete with the Warriors if they also add George or Melo (11:00), the offseason being more interested than the postseason (16:40), if the Kings should go after Ryan Anderson (17:45), the Kings finally land Bogdan Bogdanovic (21:35), what they expect from him (22:40), Deuce wants the Kings to sign Bojan Bogdanovic (25:05), what the Kings will do at the shooting guard spot (26:52), why Phil Jackson did not work with the Knicks (36:45) and why Deuce doesn't mind Bogdanovic's contract (41:52).


Episode 286-Jerry Rice with Deuce & Mo

June 28, 2017

Deuce and Mo caught up with Hall of Famer Jerry Rice at the Kings Golf Invitational (2:10), he talks about his golf game and running into Spud Webb (2:50), how he would do in today's NFL (3:30), the gloves wide receivers use (4:10), what he thinks about celebrations returning to the league (6:35), what he thinks of the 49ers hiring John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan (7:15), how he feels about their new culture and what Eddie D tried to do during his time as an owner (9:00), what made Eddie D so special (9:40), how he feels about the Brady-Montana comparisons and how he would date Joe Montana if he was a girl  (10:45), why he's bummed about the Raiders going to Las Vegas (12:10) and what it was like playing for Bill Wash (13:55). Deuce and Mo then reflect on why they liked the NBA Award Show (17:20), John Wall wants Paul George and dumped on Otto Porter at the same time (23:18), one NBA writer should be banned from voting (27:10), if the Kings should try get Rudy Gay back on a short-term deal (29:20), Deuce wondered if it was bad that Tom Brady was voted No. 1 in the NFLs Top 100 (31:40), what the San Francisco Giants need to do and how stretching may have caused chemistry issues (34:50) and they close with Truth OR Trash including Zeke Elliott is the most impressive athlete in the Body Issue (41:00), the Cavs should go all-in on Paul George (42:50) and LaVar Ball was great on WWE's Monday Night Raw (45:00).


Episode 285-A Chat With Kings Rookies & Doug Christie

June 27, 2017

Deuce and Mo take the show on the road from the Sacramento Kings Invitational benefiting the Sacramento Kings Foundation (00:20). They caught up with Kings rookie Justin Jackson about being back with his former AAU teammate De'Aaron Fox (2:40), they talked with new Kings big man Harry Giles about his journey and his relationship with Chris Paul (5:10) and they talk to De'Aaron Fox about his confidence and how NBA2K helped his game (9:20). Deuce and Mo then sit down with Kings legend Doug Christie (14:40),  about why he loves De'Aaron Fox (15:50), Fox's confidence and how American athletes will evolve (17:40), if the Kings need some veteran help (18:40), on why Fox's shot will improve (20:45), why Harry Giles was worth a shot at No. 20 (22:10), what he says in Justin Jackson (23:50), how he views Malik Monk as a 6th man (25:20), how much he loves living and working in Sacramento (26:58), how he landed a job working on the Kings broadcasts (27:40), how he's still learning about the game and how he didn't understand shooting until he was done playing (30:00), how he's a better shooter today than he was when he played (32:00), his airball in Game 7 in the 2002 Western Conference Finals (33:20), how Game 7 was the most painful time and why he was crying before the game (35:30), why he hasn't gone back to watch the game but how it still lives with him (37:00), the importance of taking care of your mind (39:20) and what he thinks about the Cousins trade now (44:00).


Episode 284-Jerry Reynolds on NBA Draft and Free Agency plus Mailbag

June 24, 2017

Deuce and Mo caught up with Kings analyst Jerry Reynolds to talk NBA Draft (00:40), on how the media says the Kings won the draft (1:30), why he thinks Minnesota is a playoff team now that they added Jimmy Butler (2:40), the Kings adding character guys to the team (5:10), what he loves about De'Aaron Fox (6:05), Fox's competitive fire (7:00), the concerns about his jump shot (8:12), Morgan is concerned that Jerry agrees with Deuce (9:45), the Kings passing on Monk (10:50), what he likes about Justin Jackson (12:40), why Giles was worth the risk at No. 20 (13:05), how much teams research medical history (14:20), Jerry says Frank Mason is tougher than binder twine (16:20), if he has any nicknames for the rookies (18:20), players he's been dead wrong about (19:10), how he feels about Paul Millsap (20:40), if he'd be interested in Otto Porter (22:30), some other free agents and players who interest him (24:10), what he thinks of the Paul George situation (24:50), why he likes Danny Ainge so much (27:05) and he's looking forward to the Fox-Ball showdowns (28:50). Deuce and Mo close with the Friday Mailbag (32:10).


Episode 283-Kings and NBA Draft Recap

June 23, 2017

Deuce and Mo talk about the Kings draft (1:30), why they love that the Kings landed Fox (2:20), Doug Christie explains why he likes Fox (5:17), they discuss Fox's shooting issues and why Deuce and Doug aren't totally concerned (7:15), how young the Kings roster is this year (12:00), Morgan says be excited about the picks but settle down (14:30), how the Kings were going to draft Kobe in 1996 (16:00), the Kings decision to trade the 10th pick for 15 and 20 and why Deuce says Malik Monk will be a player to watch (16:50), what they like and dislike about Justin Jackson (18:37), the risk of drafting Harry Giles and why the Kings felt like it was worth the risk (20:42), the medicals are good on Giles and CP3 loves him (23:40), how the Kings will use some players in the G-League (25:00), they love the addition of Frank Mason in the 2nd round (26:30), Doug Christie explains why he really likes Mason (27:55), NBA Draft expert Bobby Gerould thinks Mason can be a solid player in the league (28:51), Bobby breaks down Fox's game (32:00), if Fox will be a starter on opening night (34:22), some free agent ideas (36:42), Deuce and Mo talk about the Jimmy Butler trade to Minnesota and Deuce is declaring the T-Wolves as a playoff team (37:40), Kings fans should be excited but don't expect a ton of wins (41:20) and they close by giving a meaningless draft grade (44:50).


Episode 282-James Ham Previews Kings Draft and Free Agency

June 22, 2017

Deuce and Mo check in with NBC Sports Bay Area's Kings Insider James Ham and discussed if the Kings will be picking at 5 and 10 on draft night (2:00), they discuss why Phoenix could be a landing spot for Fox (3:00), who the Kings love in this draft (5:00), if Vlade called Phil Jackson about Porzingis (6:50), what he likes about Fox (8:45), if Afflalo will get moved by draft night (10:40), why the Kings front office deserves credit (13:30), Langston Galloway's decision to opt-out (15:40), why he likes the idea of the Kings adding Paul Millsap (19:00), how aggressive the Kings will be during free agency and why Otto Porter is intriguing (26:20), if Collison or Lawson will be back (33:15), if Sacramento is in a better position today without Cousins (36:05), why Scott Perry has been a tremendous hire for the Kings (37:45), if Bogdon will come to Sacramento (40:25) and the best-case scenario for the Kings at 5 and 10 (42:00). Deuce and Mo then talk about Russell's trade to the Nets (49:00), Dwight Howard goes to Charlotte (50:05) and the Clippers shopping DeAndre (52:20).


Episode 281-Bobby Marks on NBA Draft and Trade Rumors

June 21, 2017

Deuce and Mo welcome in  former NBA executive and The Vertical's Bobby Marks to talk about the latest rumors involving Porzingis (1:30), why it'd be shocking for Phil Jackson to move him (2:30), the Cavs decision to fire GM David Griffin and why that's the hardest job in the NBA (3:50), how the Pacers can get a fair-value trade for Paul George (5:30), why he expects a lot of movement during the draft (7:10), what it's like preparing for a draft (8:20), what the war room is like during the draft (10:54), how a front office deals with the smoke screens before the draft (12:25), what Ainge is trying to do with all those picks and trading No.1 (14:40), why he loves the Fultz move for Philly (16:10), why he's not concerned about LaVar Ball (17:00), if the Kings should move the 10 pick for D'Angelo Russell (18:10), why he wouldn't trade 5 &10 to get Fox (19:20), why the Kings should offer 5 and 10 to the Knicks for Porzingis (20:10), how the Kings approach the offseason (20:50), if they're in a better spot now than if they would've given Cousins an extension (22:55), why he likes the Kings adding Scott Perry to its front office (24:15) and how the Kings could learn from how Warriors built their squad (25:20).


Episode 280-NBA Draft Expert Bobby Gerould and Mailbag

June 17, 2017

Deuce and Mo catch up with HoopObsession.com's Bobby Gerould to talk about the NBA Draft (1:30), why he thinks Lonzo Ball is the No.1 player in the draft (5:52), who can make an instant impact (7:20), his concerns about Fultz (8:30), what the Celtics should do (10:10), why he likes Josh Jackson and isn't concerned about his temper (11:42), why he thinks the draft is so deep (14:05), his thoughts on Lauri Markkanen (15:21), his best-case scenario for the Kings at No. 5 (16:35), his breakdown of De'Aaron Fox (18:10), why he's high on Jonathan Issac (21:20), why Jayson Tatum will be a solid pro (24:02), his thoughts on Ntilikina and Dennis Smith (25:10), some of the sleeper picks in the draft (32:50), why he really likes Zach Collins (34:30), how Frank Mason will be at the next level (38:20) and what he'd love for the Kings to get in the draft (40:40). Deuce and Mo then close with some great emails from the Deuce-Bags and Mo-Rons (44:00).


Episode 279-Falling for Fox, McGregor-Mayweather & The Logo is Gone

June 16, 2017

Morgan and Deuce talk about Deuce's experience covering the Warriors parade (1:50), how he was throwing shade at Warriors fans all day (2:37), the LeBron-Draymond beef (4:49), Jerry West leaves the Warriors for a job with the Clippers (7:55), what it means for the Clippers and why West was motivated to leave (11:10), CP3 plans to meet with Houston and Denver (12:52), why Morgan isn't super excited for the McGregor-Mayweather fight (15:19), they learn more about potential Kings PG De'Aaron Fox and Fox discusses his shooting struggles (22:20), they talk about Puig's suspension for throwing the double-birds and Morgan gives the history of the middle finger (28:36).


Episode 278-NBA Draft Rumors, Blake to Boston and What If…

June 15, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing the latest NBA Draft rumors (3:35), Lakers interest in Josh Jackson (4:05), the Kings won't trade the No.5 and No.10 pick to move up to 3 (4:50), what it would take for the Kings to move up to get Fox (5:20), Deuce thinks there will be a lot of movement on draft night (6:54), Frank Mason works out for the Kings again (9:00), Morgan and Deuce give kids advice (12:58), if Blake Griffin or Hayward could put Boston above Cleveland (16:30), the Rockets GM says he has something up his sleeve for the Warriors (24:40), why Deuce loves Lonzo Ball's new  commercial (28:30), they debut "What If?" game including if the Cavs add Paul George or Melo (32:50), what if Lonzo Ball is there at No.5 for the Kings (37:00) and what if the Warriors don't re-sign Andre Iguodala? (38:50). Durant says Kyrie is better than Iverson (43:00) , why people are  being too hard on Odell Beckham (46:40), and they close the show with a story about a dad who wrote all MLB teams to win his infant son's fanhood and Deuce hated it (51:00).


Episode 277-Doug Christie on NBA Draft, De’Aaron Fox and NBA Finals

June 14, 2017

Deuce and Morgan catch up with former Kings guard Doug Christie and talked about why he enjoyed the NBA Finals (1:19), what it's going to take to dethrone the Warriors (2:10), how the Warriors built their team (4:05), how other NBA players are feeling about the Warriors (5:11), what the Cavs need to do this offseason (6:30), the NBA's issue with 3-point fouls (7:25) and why he kept a journal during his playing games (11:00). Doug then talks about what he remembers about his draft process and meeting Red Auerbach (13:20), why he really likes De'Aaron Fox (18:00), why he's not concerned about Fox's shooting (19:40), why Zach Collins is an intriguing prospect (22:50), who he wants the Kings to land in the NBA Draft (24:00), Lonzo Ball (25:40), they discussed some free agent options including Otto Porter (26:30), Shaun Livingston (28:00) and Jonathan Simmons (29:10). Deuce and Mo finish the show with Truth or Trash (35:35).


Episode 276-Warriors Are The Champs

June 13, 2017

Deuce and Mo host a special podcast following the Warriors 2nd championship in 3 seasons. Morgan and Deuce go at it because they were sleepy (1:50), the key adjustment Steve Kerr made (4:12), the Warriors big 2nd quarter run (5:50), the West-Thompson kiss (7:30), how well Durant played in the NBA Finals and why he deserves credit (9:17), the adversity the Warriors faced during the season (10:45), they go over some of the hot takes from throughout the NBA Finals (13:05), LeBron's incredible play (14:22), how they ranked the NBA Finals and Deuce explains why he enjoyed the series so much (15:58), the Durant-Curry pick and roll (20:35), Deuce asks which was more annoying: Matt Barnes getting a ring or Durant's mom (22:20), what the Cavs should do this offseason (24:40),  if Kevin Love will get traded (27:10), the Warriors free agents (31:20), if the Warriors winning will be bad for the NBA (49:32) and they go over their favorite moment of the NBA Finals (41:10).


Episode 275-Jason Ross Talks NBA Draft, Kings and Friday Mailbag

June 10, 2017

Deuce and Mo reunited with their old partner Jason Ross (1:00), J-Ross shows off his "Bruce" and Mo t-shirt (1:30), they discussed the Kings getting a work out with potential No.1 pick Markelle Fultz and if the Kings should trade up (3:17), Lonzo not working out for Boston (8:48), if the Kings should move up to get Fox (11:52), we look at Jason's draft board (14:40), why it makes sense for the Kings to trade the 10th pick (18:52), veteran point guards the Kings could add and if Shaun Livingston makes sense (22:30), Skal's future (32:44), if Josh Jackson is worth the risk (36:10), why we've enjoyed the NBA Finals (40:30), what the Cavs need to add this offseason (43:40), LeBron's perspective (48:12), Deuce gets crushed by multiple people in the Friday Mailbag (49:15) and Morgan and J-Ross go head-to-head in a special edition of Celebrity Birthdays (1:05:30).


Episode 274-Appreciating the NBA Finals

June 9, 2017

Morgan and Deuce look back at the Warriors comeback win over the Cavs and why we should appreciate what we saw in Game 3(1:00), LeBron's decision to pass to Korver (8:00), Kyrie's shot selection (10:00), how the Warriors knew the Cavs would run out of gas (11:35), the Warriors rebounding advantage and Tristian's struggles (15:30), JR Smith says his twitter got hacked and Deuce calls B.S. (23:20), LeBron gives Kevin Durant love for sacrificing (26:30), why LeBron says the Warriors are great for the NBA (28:30), Lonzo's workout with the Lakers and Deuce explains why draft workout media sessions are worthless (39:00), Pat Riley says Magic is the greatest of all-time (44:00) and Deuce claims he would crush Morgan if they played one-on-one (46:15).


Episode 273-Finals Game 3 Preview, Hakeem vs. Duncan and Truth OR Trash

June 7, 2017

Deuce and Morgan looked ahead to Game 3 of the NBA Finals and how wrong Deuce was (2:15), if LeBron has to play different (4:20), if they're dumb for thinking LeBron can get 1-2 games in this series (6:35), why Kerr doesn't take credit for the Warriors elite defense (8:15), Paul Pierce says Durant is the best player in the world (12:15), they move on to some NBA Draft topics including how the Lakers may really like De'Aaron Fox (14:30), if the Kings should consider trading up for Fox (16:30), Robert Horry says Hakeem is 20-times better than Tim Duncan (21:10), JJ Watt thought he was too high in the NFLs Top 100 and Deuce says he's trying too hard to be humble (28:17), if an MLB team should give out a 15-year deal to Bryce Harper (30:34) and they close with Truth or Trash including the NBAs biggest issue: Superteams (33:20), Curry and Durant are the best duo in the last 30 years (35:09), Kap won't be on a roster to start the season (37:30), you got excited for the Marshawn Lynch TD that was tweeted out (39:10), Bieber is the worst type of sports fan (44:40) and Freddy Krueger was the scariest horror-film character (46:40).


Episode 272-NBA Finals Game 2 Recap, Fox in Sac, Seahawks say no to Kap

June 6, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing how everyone is watching this "boring" Finals (1:20), some of the great performances from Game 2 including Durant dominating both sides (2:30), Steph Curry's incredible on LeBron shouldn't have happened (8:10), what it meant to have Steve Kerr return (9:40), why one writer suggests the Cavs may want to think about throwing the ball out of bounds (12:17), what to expect in Game 3 (15:20), the NBA's issue with players getting fouled on 3-point attempts (18:22), the Cavs locker room smelled like weed (19:50), why Deuce is sick of people hating on the Warriors for constructing their "superteam" (22:00), if Morgan is ready to say the Cavs are dead (25:00), De'Aaron Fox is in Sacramento (27:54), if the Lakers would consider passing on Ball and what would happen if he fell to the Kings (30:00), why the Seahawks didn't sign Kap and went with Austin Davis (34:07), the 49ers add Elvis Dumervil (36:52) and they close with highs and lows of the weekend even though Morgan wasn't ready (39:00), the Ryan brothers get wild (40:50) and Hank Williams is back on Monday Night Football (43:30).


Episode 271-NBA Finals Game 1 Recap, Kings moves and Friday Mailbag

June 3, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce apologizing for his mediocre performance the day before (00:57), they looked back at what went down in Game 1 of the NBA Finals (2:20), Deuce says Durant had one of the best finals performances ever (3:01), LeBron and the Cavs turnovers (7:30), Deuce had a lame joke about how many more shots the Warriors took (11:05), the most impressive stat of the  night (12:40), they talked about some of the negatives with the Warriors including Klay's offense and the Warriors missing easy shots inside (14:40), if Tyronne Lue really thinks the Warriors are the greatest team ever (18:20), the dog returns (21:44), Deuce and Mo get into a heated argument about Kerr returning to the sideline in this series (24:03), they look ahead to Game 2 (32:45), why Rihanna was the highlight of Game 1 (35:55), the Kings waive Anthony Tolliver and what could happen with Afflalo (40:40) and they close with the Friday Mailbag (49:00) including if the Kings should be interested in Frank Mason (49:25), what's the worst movie sequel and what deserves a sequel (51:20), if they're excited for WWE Extreme Rules (55:00) and if it's time for the Giants to blow up the roster (56:05).


Episode 270-Durant’s Discount, Wall Loves Fox and NBA players in NFL

June 2, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce crying about his allergies (00:50), they look ahead to Game 1 and if Durant is nervous for this game (2:45), Durant will take a discount to stay with Golden State (5:51), why Paul Pierce is still upset with Durant (11:10), LeBron comments on racism (14:50), Adam Silver is cool with the Warriors superteazm (20:25), how Silver may be trying to send a message to LaVar Ball (24:42), John Wall is super high on De'Aaron Fox and Deuce thinks the Kings would need to trade up (28:19), 99 Days from the start of the NFL so they go over a list of NBA players who could play in the NFL (32:29) and the drama surrounded Mr. Met (35:02).


Episode 269-Deuce and Mo’s NBA Finals Preview

June 1, 2017

Morgan and Deuce preview the Warriors-Cavs matchup and the weird things from last NBA Finals (2:03), some of the new characters (3:40), the most intriguing storyline in the finals (5:20), why it's hard to figure out who people are rooting for and they discuss who the heel is in this series (6:52), the underrated storyline of the series is Mike Brown (10:10), Morgan doesn't think Steve Kerr should come back in this series (12:55), who LeBron should defend (16:30), the Curry-Irving matchup (24:50), the X-Factor for each team (26:40), the legacy talk for each team (31:10), Deuce yells at a dog for barking (35:10), how the Cavs can win the series (37:10), if this trilogy be more like Hangover 3 or Toy Story 3 (38:40) and they close with picking the series with their hearts and brains (41:00).


Episode 268-Harper-Strickland Brawl, NBA Finals and Tiger Woods

May 31, 2017

Deuce and Mo return from the three-day weekend to discuss the drama between Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland (2:00), why Strickland plunked him (3:30), the stat the proves he did it on purpose (5:00), why Posey didn't try to grab Harper (7:20), how Morgan's friend got a black-eye from Brandon Belt (16:15), Pujols is close to joining the 600 HR club and no one cares (18:49), they look ahead to the Warriors-Cavs and what they expect from this series (25:00), how the Cavs are underdogs (26:28), who people should root for in the Finals (32:10), Giants owner John Mara says he received a ton of letters from people talking about Kap and the anthem (36:30), Tiger Woods' arrest and how he recited the National Anthem backwards (42:00) and they close with Truth or Trash including: the Giants should punish Hunter Strickland (46:40), we should be excited about Lauri Markkanen hitting 18 straight NBA corner-threes (48:01) and you're surprised the Raiders have sold-out season tickets for 2017 (53:55).


Episode 267-Bobby Jackson talks NBA Playoffs and Draft

May 26, 2017

Morgan and Deuce catch up with former NBA PG Bobby Jackson to get his thoughts on the playoffs (1:05), why he thinks Cavs-Warriors will be great for the NBA (1:45), LeBron hitting the switch (2:40), what he thought of LeBron when he played his first game against the Kings (3:32), who he likes in the NBA Finals (4:22), his relationship with Isaiah Thomas and what makes him such a special talent (5:45), what it was like facing Manu (7:07), how difficult it was to retire (7:45), why he likes D'Aaron Fox's game and isn't concerned about his jumper (8:20),  he's not concerned about his weight (9:40), why he's not concerned about LaVar Ball (10:35), what he likes about Lonzo's game (11:35) and what he remembers about going through the draft process (13:20). LeBron talks about the comparisons to MJ (17:00), Lue's comments about the Warriors offense (21:17), why Lonzo isn't working out for the Celtics and Deuce thinks it's weird (27:00), a potential CP3-Spurs marriage (32:40) and Ball's new t-shirts are for sale (37:40).


Episode 266-Kyrie’s Night, Kap Visits Seattle and Gronk’s New Deal

May 26, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about the Cavs beating the Celtics and LeBron's foul trouble (1:45), Kyrie's big night (4:34), Marvin Lewis doesn't like NFL celebrations because it's a "bad example for the youth" (13:38), how strange it is that Kap could be joining the Seahawks (18:15), Deuce kind of feels bad for Mike Glennon in Chicago (21:40), Gronk's new deal and Deuce has some stupid hot take about the Patriots falling off next season (25:10), Calvin Johnson hanging out with the Raiders (33:00), Beckham gets a huge shoe deal (34:20), how much Bogdanovic could get paid by the Kings (36:32) and Deuce is fascinated with cockroaches (38:40).


Episode 265-NFL Celebrations are back, Warriors Advance and Manu done?

May 26, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing the Warriors advancing to their 3rd straight finals (1:30), Ziller's 5 Amazing Warriors Stats (7:30), Joe Lacob says the Warriors were better than the Cavs last season (10:00), Manu possibly playing his last NBA game and what he meant to the Spurs (12:20), Morgan brings up some classic Manu moments including a testical injury and swatting a bat (15:55), Deuce thinks Popovich could be his dad (23:00), what the Spurs need to do this offseason (24:55), Morgan explains why she's unsure about NBA prospect Josh Jackson (27:25), Roger Goodell announces changes to allow NFL celebrations to return (30:55), Deuce talks about what his TD celebration would be (33:53), the Predators weird catfish tradition (38:20), Aaron Judge's weird superstision (41:15) and they close with Truth or Trash including the Warriors-Cavs meeting again is great for the NBA (43:30), the Spurs are due to drop off next season (46:20), the Celtics would be wise to shop Isaiah Thomas (49:20), Deuce is starting to regret saying the Giants are done (51:40) and the NFL changing its OT from 15 minutes to 10 minutes is a great idea (53:25).


Episode 264-Basketball Gods Strike Cleveland and MVP Finalists

May 26, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show talking about how the Celtics were able to beat the Cavs without Isaiah (1:30), LeBron's rough night (6:42), Deuce says the Basketball Gods didn't appreciate what the Cavs did in Game 2 so they punished them (8:50), the great play drawn up by Brad Stevens and how they were able to get the Bradley game-winner (13:20), they discussed LeBron finishing outside the Top 3 in MVP finalists (16:10), if they should have a "Best Player in The Game" award (17:15), the Celtics tried to trade IT last year and if he's truly a max-player (21:15), Zaza's kids school had to hire extra security after threats (28:55) and highs and lows of the weekend including a 12-year-old beating a 24-year-old in an MMA fight (34:05).


Episode 263-NBA.com’s Scott Howard-Cooper on NBA Draft and Friday Mailbag

May 20, 2017

Morgan and Deuce kick off the podcast talking to NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper (00:55), if there's a can't-miss prospect in the NBA Draft (3:00), why Danny Ainge will shop the No.1 pick (5:15), why Isaiah and Markelle can work together (6:50), the most surprising thing in the NBA playoffs (7:40), Deuce thinks LeBron's play is the biggest surprise (8:43), Scott discussed the All-NBA voting (10:40), what he thinks of the Kings front office additions (16:10), the Kings roster and the No.5 and No. 10 picks (19:30), what front offices love about De'Aaron Fox (21:23), the concerns about his shooting (24:00), why front offices are intrigued with International PG Frank Ntilikina (26:00), if teams may be concerned about Josh Jackson and his emotions (28:43), interest in Lauri Markkanen (30:05), why O.G. is a name to watch for the Kings (31:20) and what he's heard about Bogdan Bogdanovic (33:30). Deuce and Mo then close with the Friday Mailbag from the Deuce-Bags and Mo-Rons (37:40).


Episode 262-Deuce’s Concussion, All-NBA Team and Lottery

May 20, 2017

Deuce and Mo return after Deuce missed two days with a concussion so Deuce spent way too much time recapping his journey (00:35), they discuss the All-NBA team (5:30), Deuce doesn't understand how Cousins doesn't make the team (7:16), they recap the NBA Draft lottery and why they were fine with the Kings landing the No.5 and 10 pick (13:15), Deuce says he's on the Fox bandwagon and how Playstation helped improve his game (15:30), he explains why he's cool with the men rompers and Morgan is disgusted (21:05), how the Kings front office is changing it's image and meeting with top prospects (22:30), if Ball will land with the Lakers (25:40), they discuss why the Celtics shouldn't trade the No.1 pick (29:49), the crazy stat about LeBron and if it means anything (32:20), LeBron's big Game 1 (34:14), Pop does the right thing by calling out LaMarcus (37:10), a Spurs fan is suing Zaza and the Warriors (40:00), Derek Carr and the Raiders working on a new deal (43:10), who to believe: Giselle or the NFL (45:20), the drama between LaVar Ball and Kristine Leahy (50:37) and if the Giants are turning it around (54:25).


Episode 261-Zaza’s Dirty, Pop Goes Off and Jeter’s Night

May 20, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show looking back at Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals (1:05), Kawhi's injury and if Zaza was dirty when he stepped under Kawhi (2:15), Draymond says he's not dirty (5:30), Popovich goes off about Zaza (6:25), Deuce says he wasn't that surprised by the Warriors comeback (12:45), why people are talking about Bruce Bowen (14:30), Iguodala's injury and how significant it can be (19:31), they look ahead to Wizards-Celtics Game 7 (27:00), the draft lottery is almost here and they wonder why the Kings are interviewing a player who's projected to go No. 1 (28:50), Sacramento trying to change its reputation (30:35), Eddie Lacy could earn $55,000 by weighing 255 pounds or less (32:30), if Kap is a possibility in Seattle (34:47) and they close with highs and lows of the weekend including Steve Kerr (38:30), the Giants win 3 straight (39:50), the Boston Celtics wearing all-black (42:35) and Derek Jeter's Night in New York (44:29).


Episode 260-What happened to Harden? Spurs-Warriors and Friday Mailbag

May 13, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show talking the about the Spurs incredible 39-point victory over the Rockets (1:00), what happened to James Harden (2:00), Popovich's adjustments defending the pick and roll and their defense at the rim (5:12), Pop making sure his guys are ready to go and D'Antoni not trusting his bench (8:54), how LaMarcus looked like the player we saw in Portland (11:00), Ryan Anderson's weird shooting numbers at home (13:30), how the Spurs built their team with late pick and development (18:10), the Warriors are heavy-favorites against San Antonio (20:45), they talk about if the Spurs have a chance (25:05), Magic Johnson isn't concerned with LaVar Ball (27:20), Morgan can't believe that Deuce would want LaVar Ball on the podcast (28:40), Tom Brady is on the cover of Madden and if he's worried about the Madden Curse (30:20), Solomon Thomas weighed 195 pounds in the 4th grade (33:10), the A's new ballpark pass is awesome (36:30) and they close with the Friday Mailbag from the loyal Deuce-Bags and MoRons (39:40).


Episode 259-Cavs-Warriors The New Lakers-Celtics and Bowman Trade Rumors

May 12, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about the Celtics-Wizards dud of a game (2:25), if another Cavs-Warriors finals would be boring and if it's the next Lakers-Celtics rivalry (6:20), they discuss a great charity event at Big Sexy Brewing Company (11:25), Draymond Green thinks the media is twisting his comments and if he has a legit point (15:18), Barkley says super teams have made the NBA boring (19:40), Durant thinks the NBA combine is pointless (22:58), how the feel about the Spurs-Rockets Game 6 (26:40), Deuce lost his wallet but claims someone probably stole his identity (30:18), Michael Lombardi says the 49ers are open to trading Bowman (34:19), Lynch and Shanahan release a joint-statement to deny it and Deuce doesn't understand why they're releasing a statement based on a rumor from a podcast (35:50).


Episode 258-Manu’s Heroics, Matt Harvey Apologizes and Hayward Leaving Utah?

May 11, 2017

OFFICIAL SITE: https://www.deuceandmo.com
AUDIO: https://audioboom.com/posts/5906606-episode-258-manu-s-heroics-matt-harvey-apologizes-and-hayward-leaving-utah
Deuce and Mo start the show talking about the Spurs OT win over the Rockets (2:50), Manu's throwback game (4:50), if the Spurs should sit Kawhi in Game 6 (5:54), Pop screaming at Pau Gasol and how it's been one of his better coaching jobs (8:15), one great adjustment by the Spurs (11:20), some people say Deuce looks like he's having weight issues (12:43), Morgan gives us some "fun facts" about the NBA playoffs but Deuce craps all over them (14:40), if Olynyk is a really a dirty player (20:20), where Gordon Hayward could be heading and why Deuce wants him to stay in Utah (24:40), expect big changes with the Raptors (30:19), Kings free agency plans (34:00) and they close the show talking about Matt Harvey and if they'd rather play pro baseball or football (38:40).


Episode 257-Jerry Reynolds on NBA Playoffs and Rudy Gay Opting-Out

May 10, 2017

Morgan and Deuce catch up with former NBA  coach/GM Jerry Reynolds about Rudy Gay's decision to opt-out (1:20), how Rudy could help a good team as a stretch-four (2:50), some college prospects that he likes (5:35), playing defense in today's NBA (7:!5), why he thinks Houston will beat the Spurs (11:40), the struggles from LaMarcus Aldridge (13:20), the Wizards are more talented than the Celtics and how Boston can't match that (15:40), why he'll never get over the Kings losing Isaiah Thomas (17:05), what to do with the Clippers (22:40), the Raptors offseason and why it may be smart to let Lowry walk (26:20), DeRozan's inability to hit the three (27:50), LeBron's success in his 14th season (30:00) and he's confident we'll see a Warriors-Cavs NBA Finals again (31:25). Deuce and Mo talk about a depressing anniversary (32:20), why Deuce is not a Rudy Gay-hater (35:35), Draymond's comments about the Cavs, dirty players and Porzingis (38:40) and they close with Truth OR Trash (47:05).


Episode-256-LeBron’s Switch, Raptors Future and Giants In Trouble

May 9, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start Monday's show talking about how the Cavs have turned it on during the playoffs (1:51), how practice time has helped them (3:30), Lowry and DeRozan's struggles in the playoffs and if it's time for the Raptors to rebuild (6:20), what's going on with the Rockets-Spurs series (12:40), Alridge's issues one defense (15:15), the Wizards 26-0 run against Boston and why John Wall deserves more love (20:00),  if Isaiah's complaints about the officials were legit (21:40), Van Gundy's radical idea to get players to stop complaining (25:50), the Warriors taking care of business even with Curry and Klay struggling (28:40), Porzingis claims his twitter was hacked but Deuce does't buy it (32:50), Peter King says Kap may give up football (35:00) and they close with highs/lows of the weekend including Tyronne Lue fining JR Smith (36:40), Lillard and the Blazers donating their playoff shares (38:00), Patrick Beverley (38:50), Chris Bosh being sued by a porn company (41:25) and the Giants tough weekend (45:30).


Episode 255-Deuce & Mo’s Friday Mailbag

May 6, 2017

Morgan and Deuce discussed the physical play in the Wizards-Celtics series (2:30), the Warriors haven't trailed in a game since Game 3 of the Portland series (11:00), Draymond playing after his knee buckled (11:50), LaVar Ball's comments and Deuce explains why we shouldn't expect Lonzo to push away his father (16:00), why Reuben Foster may not play in 2017 (21:30), Jay Cutler lands with FOX and they discuss who will be better in the booth: Romo or Cutler (25:50) and they debut the first ever Deuce and Mo Friday mailbag including: what Kings jersey should I buy for my son? (31:35), a MFK scenario (33:50), the player in each sport who's being wasted by their franchise (36:40), who the Warriors should hire if Kerr retires (42:00) and some Kings offseason questions (44:30).


Episode 254-Lonzo Ball’s New Shoe, Parker Done and a York-Harbaugh Dinner

May 5, 2017

Deuce and Mo start their daily sports podcast talking about the price of Lonzo Ball's new shoes (2:20), they wonder why anyone would buy them (5:40), the Cavs destroy the Raptors again and Deuce says he's bored with the series (9:15), the Spurs win over the Rockets and they loss of Tony Parker (15:00), the NBAs issue with players drawing fouls from three-point land (18:49), Popovich says Kawhi is the best player in the game (22:51), Kobe Bryant helps Isaiah Thomas (29:40), Jed York says he wants to have dinner with Harbaugh and Deuce and Mo say they think York comes across as a politician (31:35), Pete Carroll now says a Sherman trade isn't likely so they discuss if they two sides can repair their relationship (38:05), Jay Cutler thinking about joining the NFL on FOX (40:07) and LeBron has an issue with a beer company (44:27).