Episode 283-Kings and NBA Draft Recap

June 23, 2017

Deuce and Mo talk about the Kings draft (1:30), why they love that the Kings landed Fox (2:20), Doug Christie explains why he likes Fox (5:17), they discuss Fox's shooting issues and why Deuce and Doug aren't totally concerned (7:15), how young the Kings roster is this year (12:00), Morgan says be excited about the picks but settle down (14:30), how the Kings were going to draft Kobe in 1996 (16:00), the Kings decision to trade the 10th pick for 15 and 20 and why Deuce says Malik Monk will be a player to watch (16:50), what they like and dislike about Justin Jackson (18:37), the risk of drafting Harry Giles and why the Kings felt like it was worth the risk (20:42), the medicals are good on Giles and CP3 loves him (23:40), how the Kings will use some players in the G-League (25:00), they love the addition of Frank Mason in the 2nd round (26:30), Doug Christie explains why he really likes Mason (27:55), NBA Draft expert Bobby Gerould thinks Mason can be a solid player in the league (28:51), Bobby breaks down Fox's game (32:00), if Fox will be a starter on opening night (34:22), some free agent ideas (36:42), Deuce and Mo talk about the Jimmy Butler trade to Minnesota and Deuce is declaring the T-Wolves as a playoff team (37:40), Kings fans should be excited but don't expect a ton of wins (41:20) and they close by giving a meaningless draft grade (44:50).


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