Episode 284-Jerry Reynolds on NBA Draft and Free Agency plus Mailbag

June 24, 2017

Deuce and Mo caught up with Kings analyst Jerry Reynolds to talk NBA Draft (00:40), on how the media says the Kings won the draft (1:30), why he thinks Minnesota is a playoff team now that they added Jimmy Butler (2:40), the Kings adding character guys to the team (5:10), what he loves about De'Aaron Fox (6:05), Fox's competitive fire (7:00), the concerns about his jump shot (8:12), Morgan is concerned that Jerry agrees with Deuce (9:45), the Kings passing on Monk (10:50), what he likes about Justin Jackson (12:40), why Giles was worth the risk at No. 20 (13:05), how much teams research medical history (14:20), Jerry says Frank Mason is tougher than binder twine (16:20), if he has any nicknames for the rookies (18:20), players he's been dead wrong about (19:10), how he feels about Paul Millsap (20:40), if he'd be interested in Otto Porter (22:30), some other free agents and players who interest him (24:10), what he thinks of the Paul George situation (24:50), why he likes Danny Ainge so much (27:05) and he's looking forward to the Fox-Ball showdowns (28:50). Deuce and Mo close with the Friday Mailbag (32:10).


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