Episode 288-Kings Free Agent Possibilities, Kings VP of BBall Ops Scott Perry & CP3 Fallout

June 30, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show with Mo mentioning that Deuce got schooled by a 12-year old (00:20), why Jimmy Butler gave out his number at a press conference and what it would take for Morgan to give out her number (2:20), the drama involving Chris Paul despising Doc Rivers (7:00), why CP3 didn't want to go to the Spurs (11:10), the Rockets explain the motivation behind the trade (11:50), why Gordon Hayward would think about Miami (13:40), the Knicks may bring back a familiar face (17:12), the Kings made the right decision by not adding Ryan Anderson (18:20), they talk about the Kings rookies getting numbers, history behind the numbers and why Morgan doesn't mind them giving out Boogie's old number (19:40), Deuce doesn't understand the fascination with jersey numbers (22:35) and they look at Ben McLemore's Kings tenure, what went wrong and what's next (25:00). Deuce and Mo share their chat with Sacramento Kings VP of Basketball Operations Scott Perry about the prep going into draft night (29:40), what they felt when they saw Fox there at No. 5 (30:50), why they traded for No. 15 and No. 20 (31:20), how surprising it was that Frank Mason was available (32:05) and his message to Kings fans (32:45). Morgan and Deuce talk about free agent possibilities for the Kings (35:50), if Morgan's heart hurt for Jeff Fisher (47:30) and Deuce gives love to the Cubs (50:00).


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