Episode 297-Kings Lose Scott Perry, Sandoval Out of Boston and Friday Mailbag

July 15, 2017

Deuce and Mo start with the official news that Kings Exec VP of basketball operations Scott Perry is leaving for the Knicks GM job (1:50), how he helped the Kings during his 3 months (2:20), Perry's tough job in New York (6:46), why the Kings allowed the Knicks to interview him (7:30), if the Kings could've promoted him (10:00), and if they could've given him a raise to stay (10:40). They talked about how the Pacers tried to send Paul George to the Warriors (13:00), Deuce presents a special edition of Know Your Basketball, Kids about this significant day in NBA history (16:20), Morgan doesn't get how Deuce was excited about Dennis Smith's dunk ATTEMPT (20:55), the chat room makes fun of Deuce's shirt (25:00), the Red Sox get rid of Pablo Sandoval and they wonder why it all fell apart for him (25:35), Deuce explains how Pablo can turn around his career (28:30), if any of the Giants players are untouchable (32:50) and they finish with some creative emails in the Friday Mailbag (37:00).


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