Episode 302-Kyrie Demands Trade, Phelps vs. Shark and Zeke Suspension?

July 25, 2017

Deuce and Mo return to talk about Kyrie Irving demanding a trade (1:30), Deuce thinks there's more to this story (3:45), the chaos surrounding the Cavs (6:30), how the Cavs should handle this (7:35), they talk about Kyrie not wanting to be Robin to LeBron's batman and Deuce and Mo argue about Batman being a legit superhero (13:54), if Zeke Elliot will be suspended and how Jerry Jones has handled this situation (18:35), they discussed Pablo Sandoval's apology and what they expect from him (25:32), the Conor-Draymond beef (31:20), the Phelps-Shark race and why people were so upset (34:10) and they close talking about WWE's Battleground and the return of The Great Khali (37:45).


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