Episode 303-D-Rose In, Kyrie Out?

July 26, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with Kyrie Watch and if the Celtics really would move Isaiah to get him (1:50), what the Cavs want for him (6:05), the Cavs adding D-Rose and if he can help them (8:10), why Chauncey Billups turned down the Cavs job (12:17), Deuce thinks LeBron and Kyrie need to talk it out but Morgan think they're done (13:48), why Adam Silver doesn't like the drama but Deuce says it's good for the league (18:57), how the Cowboys handled the Lucky Whitehead situation (24:35), Morgan admits to watching pimple popping videos on a regular basis (28:10), the Chargers are working out RG3 but not Kap (30:10) and they close with Truth or Trash including: Brandon Belt is the Giant most likely to get moved (36:20), it's time to be concerned that Andrew Luck is on the PUP list (38:10), the best fit for Kyrie is the Spurs (40:30), Vlade should call the Cavs (42:40), the biggest surprise of the offseason was Paul George landing in OKC (43:55) and happy birthday, Matt LeBlanc! Friends is an overrated sitcom! (45:40).


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