Episode 304-Kings Talk to Smith, NBA Expansion and Panda Returns

July 27, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the podcast talking about the Kings meeting with former Orlando GM Otis Smith and they discuss some of his past moves (2:15), Adam Silver talks expansion and Deuce and Mo wonder if the Clippers could relocate to Seattle (7:30), Kyrie trade demand influenced by Justin Bieber's pastor (12:31), the latest CTE study and how the NFL has been handling this issue (14:20), if Deuce would let his kids play football (21:50), Morgan says she's trying to go vegan (23:50), a Cowboys player lost his nipple ring during practice (26:12), Julio Jones lost a $100,000 earring in a Lake and hired divers to find it (27:50), Sandoval made his debut with the River Cats and Deuce and Mo discuss the team selling Panda Hats and trading Nunez (33:00).


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