Episode 307-Garrett Temple

July 31, 2017

Deuce and Mo are on vacation week so they play a conversation they had with Kings player Garrett Temple for Kings.com (1:00), the sports he loved growing up (1:50), NBA players he loved watching growing up  (2:45), how his father's journey shaped him (3:45), how he defended JJ Reddick so well in the NCAA tournament (6:20), if he ever questioned his game when he did not get drafted (8:40), what made him keep grinding to live his NBA dream (9:30), when he knew he belonged in the NBA (10:20), what makes Gregg Popovich so special (12:15), who had the biggest impact on him (13:00), some things he does to prepare to defend some of the best players (14:05), if he's ever been star struck before an NBA game (14:50), the biggest challenge when it comes to change the culture in Sacramento (17:00) and where he got his leadership (18:50).


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