Episode 308-Kings center Kosta Koufos

August 2, 2017

Deuce and Mo continue their vacation week and share a conversation they had with Kings center Kosta Koufos in March about his journey in the NBA for Kings.com (00:40), the first time he touched a basketball (1:20), how basketball helped him following his father's death (1:50), how is mother played such a significant role in his life (2:25), the NBA players he looked up to when he was growing up (3:08), his experience playing with LeBron during open gym (4:05), growing up in Ohio when LeBron was selling out high school games (4:50), playing with CJ McCollum during high school (5:10), when he knew he was going to be in the NBA (6:12), how the draft workouts went for him (6:55), what he remembers from the night he got drafted (7:40), his experience getting as a rookie getting coached by Jerry Sloan (8:30), what he loves about Dave Joerger (9:35), what makes Sacramento so special (10:34), why more big guys don't use the skyhook (13:00), if we'll ever see him shoot threes (13:54), what's better: dunking someone or blocking a dunk attempt (14:47), the best dunker on the Kings (15:35), what he wants to do after he's done playing in the NBA (16:40), what Garrett Temple means to the team (17:32), how he handles social media (18:15), what he's into away from the floor (19:20) and why he considers himself a renaissance man (21:45).


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