Bonus Show-WrestleMania 33 Preview

March 31, 2017

Deuce and Morgan kick off their WrestleMania preview podcast discussing their excitement level (00:45), Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal (1:50), Crusierweight Championship (5:40), the Smackdown women's championship (6:20), why they're excited for the WWE Tag Team Triple-Threat Ladder Match (7:39), Ambrose-Corbin for the Intercontinental Championship (10:20), 4-way women's elimination match (12:00), the Power Coupler tag team match with Cena-Bella vs. Miz-Maryse (14:40), if it's time for a Miz title run (16:30), Jericho-Owens and what to expect (17:00), Deuce compares Jericho to Vince Carter (17:40), AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon and Deuce explains why he wants a heel turn from Shane (21:30), HHH-Seth Rollins and why they're not sure Seth will even fight (24:00), Deuce has his ultimate fantasy booking which leads to Finn actually fighting HHH (24:40), why they're not thrilled about Roman Reigns-Undertaker (29:30), Wyatt-Orton (31:00), Goldberg-Lesnar and why it may be better than we thijnk (32:50).


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