Episode 230-Brady Playing 6 More Years, Future of NFL QBs and Shocking Kawhi Stat

March 30, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show talking about the chances of Tom Brady playing 6-7 more years (2:20), Belichick coaching until he's 80 (5:45), how the atmosphere will be in Oakland for Raiders games and the reaction from Draymond and Charles Woodson (8:00), the amount of money some cities are paying for stadiums (12:20), the A's future in Oakland and why they're headed in the right direction (15:10), the future of QBs including Cutler, Kap and Manziel (17:00), why Harbaugh thinks Kap is one of the best QBs in the NFL (18:40), who Goodell should talk to about celebrations (26:24), if they feel different about the Rockets after the Warriors win (30:24), the shocking stat that proves Kawhi Leonard is a robot (33:40), why Lonzo didn't do anything wrong when talking about Fultz (38:40), Deuce slobbers over Nurkic and his revenge game (44:20) and Vin Scully says he won't the Dodgers on opening day (46:40).


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