Episode 231-Boogie vs. Kings Preview and NFL Coaches Being Too Honest

March 31, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show talking about Morgan staying up too late (00:50), the red-hot Warriors and how they've figuted it out with Durant (3:00), Westbrook's amazing 57-point triple-double and why we should appreciate what we're seeing in the NBA (11:34), they look ahead to what they expect and want to see in Boogie's first game taking on his old team (18:10), why the Vegas  NHL team isn't excited for the Raiders (29:40), Deuce and Morgan get into a passionate debate about Garrett talking about Romo's durability (31:40), Pete Carroll being open about trading Richard Sherman (38:00), why Deuce thinks Marshawn may not be returning now (40:29) and Greg Hardy's failed comeback attempt (43:40).


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