Episode 232-All-Stars Drafted Late, Baseball is Back, WrestleMania Recap & Peterson to Pats?

April 4, 2017

Deuce and Mo reflect on the one-year anniversary of April 1 (1:13), Deuce starts the podcast with a KYBK on how many 2017 All-Stars were drafted 7th or higher (3:20), Warriors stay hot and JaVale ticks off his former team (7:42), LeBron and Thompson get into it (11:12), T-Mac gets into the Hall of Fame but C-Webb misses the cut (14:39), Adrian Peterson visits the Pats and they talk about if New England really wants him (17:30), they wonder if Belichick was ticked seeing Gronk in the ring at WrestleMania (19:52), why some NFL owners aren't thrilled about Vegas (22:10), baseball is back and the Giants started the season in the worst possible way (24:37), they predict the NCAA Men's championship (28:30), UCONN women's team loses and why it was good for women's college basketball (30:17), Deuce thought it was weird Dak was wearing his college football jersey (30:40), highs and lows of the weekend include Draymond punching Harden's wrist (33:25), G-Man disliking Cousins showboating against the Kings (34:15) and the Cena proposal (37:40). They end the podcast with their WrestleMania recap (39:25), Bray losing to Orton (42:05), why they loved Shane-Styles (43:17), Taker's last match (44:20), Goldberg-Lesnar (47:30), Jim Ross returns to WWE (49:10), the return of the Hardy Boyz (51:00) and why Morgan loved Triple H-Rollins (53:05).


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