Episode 233-Tony Romo retires, Deuce cries and Truth OR Trash

April 5, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing what happened at the NCAA Men's Championship game (1:05), NBA players complaining about the officiating in the UNC-Gonzaga game (7:20), Tony Romo retires and lands a new gig with CBS Sports (11:00), Deuce explains why Romo is underappreciated and defends him from all the Deuce-Bags and Mo-Rons who hate on him (14:40), NBA no longer allows team broadcasters to vote on player awards (22:20), Deuce thinks they should have a small committee of people to vote for the awards (24:17), Orlando's offseason plans become public (26:38), the tough decisions the Warriors will have with some of their players (29:14), the A's home opener (33:20) and they close with Truth or Trash including Tony Romo is a Hall of Famer (36:50), Houston should take a look at Kap (38:20), the Warriors are clearly the best team in the West (38:55), Steph Curry is having a down year (39:40) and the best moment of RAW was Finn's return (41:05).


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