Episode 235-Richard Sherman trade talks, Warriors on fire and Cavs send message

April 7, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about a wild night in the NBA including LeBron and the Cavs sending a message to Boston (2:45), why this game was bigger for the Celtics (6:38), Isaiah says the Celtics laid an egg and Deuce wonders why that's such a negative term (7:30), the Warriors make NBA history AGAIN and why the Spurs have to be kicking themselves (10:55), Klay credits his hot shooting to the nice weather (12:55), Westbrook came close to triple-double record (18:55), Rodman says LeBron isn't tough but Kerr comes to LeBron's defense (21:48), why Jay Cutler isn't getting any love on free agent market (28:05), the Seahawks are open to moving Richard Sherman (31:05), they wonder if the Raiders have reached out to the Seahawks about Sherman (34:20) and if the Cowboys and Pats may be interested (41:30).


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