Episode 237-Marshan to New England, A’s get rid of tarps & Raptors the favorites in East?

April 12, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the podcast talking about the final days of the NBA season (1:01), how the NBA playoff standings don't change much from the end of November to April (5:10), if the Cavs don't come out of the East, who will? (10:00), they discussed the possibility of Marshawn going to New England (20:10), the A's are getting rid of the tarps in Oakland (23:47), Truth or Trash including: Warriors-Blazers is the best 1st round matchup (29:15), You got excited with the release of the NFL Preseason schedule (31:00), You'd totally try to toasted grasshoppers at a Mariners game (32:05), Braun Stroman flipping over an ambulance on RAW was too cheesy (36:39) and Barkley cutting off a co-workers man bun was great because a man bun is an AWFUL look (38:07).


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