Episode 238-LeBron Not Resting, Kings Fans and who’s going No.1 in NFL Draft?

April 13, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the podcast dicussing LeBron resting vs. Miami but out at the club the night before the game (3:00), why the media covered Odell Beckham on a boat but not the LeBron story (7:30), they look back at the Kings home finale and why Deuce has been so impressed with Kings fans (12:30), Temple says they're the best fanbase he's seen (14:30), Big Papa's altercation with Bender and the growth they've seen from Papa (16:30), Willie Cauley-Stein is super confident about his game (21:20), why Spolestra is talking about eating an elephant (27:42), Romo's debut with the Dallas Mavericks and why he wasn't allowed to play (30:21), Deuce doesn't understand why Matt Ryan would go back and watch the game film from their loss to the Patriots (35:38), why the Browns may not with Garrett with the No. 1 pick (39:50) and they wrap up talking about why MLBs concussion policy could be better than the NFLs (46:00).


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