Episode 242-Poor Officiating, Cavs Defense and Carr on Raider Fans

April 19, 2017

Deuce and Mo reflect on the Spurs win over Memphis in Game 2 and why David Fizdale went on one of the great rants ever (1:40), Kawhi's big time performance should get more love (11:50), Cavs get the win but struggle on defense (15:30), Paul George was critical of his teammates again and they discuss if it was OK for him to be that open with the media (20:40), Gregg Popovich had some fun with the media after the Spurs win (25:50), how the Celtics series has shifted and why it's OK for Isaiah to take his time (27:50), Derek Carr says fans leaving Raiders after news about the move aren't true fans (32:40), Deuce says Derek doesn't need to be talking about Vegas right now (34:30), Pacman Jones proves anger management didn't work for him (37:20) and they close with Truth or Trash (39:20) including: Fizdale did the right thing by ranting to the media (39:30), Paul George's time with Pacers is coming to an end (40:10), Melo will be in a new uniform next year (41:00), the ring collapsing was better than the ambulance flip (42:00), Kendrick Lamar is starting to become overrated (42:40) and you wish you were at Coachella (45:38).


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