Episode 244-Westbrook 4th Quarter, George’s Leadership and Myles Garrett To The Browns

April 21, 2017

Morgan and Deuce kick off the show talking about Westbrook's bad 4th quarter against Houston (2:40), the game got close so Westbrook tried doing too much instead of trusting the offense (4:07), how Houston got it going (7:50), the Warriors dominate without Durant (16:38), Steph eliminated distractions and why Deuce would never check social media if he was an NBA player (22:34), Wizards-Hawks Game 2 and what was wrong with Dwight Howard (25:00), Paul George claims he wasn't throwing his teammates under the bus (29:12), they talk about the NFL schedule leaks (33:39), Deuce is irritated that Raiders-Patriots is in Mexico City (35:55), why Myles Garrett twitter accounts proves the Browns are drafted him (37:38), the Falcons GM is cool with drafting players with character issues (39:45) and they close with some NBA Game 3 predictions (44:00).


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