Episode 245-LeBron’s Comeback, The Young Bucks and NFL Schedule

April 22, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start with the Cavs 25-point comeback win over the Pacers and LeBron's performance (2:40), LeBron left the Pacers speechless (8:15), benching Kyrie and Love in the 4th (11:25), how Paul George handled the loss (17:25), why the Raptors can't get over the hump (22:32), the Young Bucks and how Jason Kidd is a genius (24:40), The Greek Freak does things that don't show up on the stat sheet (25:50), how the Bucks built the roster without a whole bunch of high draft picks (28:40), how the Bucks trolled the Raptors with the Barney theme song (30:40), Deuce brags about being right about the fact the Grizzlies needed to start Zach Randoplh (33:22), Pop benching all of his starters in the 3rd and how no other coach would do that (37:40), the Bulls losing Rondo and what the Bulls shouild do at PG (39:10), why the Cavs GM could leave the team to go to Orlando (42:40) and they wonder how much credit David Griffin deserves for the Cavs success (43:20).


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