Episode 246-Kerr’s Absence, NBA Playoffs, MadBum’s Injury

April 25, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing Steve Kerr's health issues and how it impacts the Warriors (1:05), Kerr not getting enough credit for his coaching and some of the bad coaching from the weekend (9:20), what happens to OKC when Westbrook goes to the bench and why their head coach deserves some of the blame (13:39), how Westbrook handled the media after the loss (14:40), Beverley gets fined for getting into it with a fan and why the league should take a closer look (19:15), they look back at the Jazz tying the series with Joe Johnson taking over (24:50), Hoiberg's beef with the refs and Isaiah Thomas (32:20), why the Spurs are struggling with Memphis and they talked about Kawhi's 4th quarter (38:39), Deuce says the Giants are done after MadBum's injury (45:38), Deuce has issues with the Posey commercial and they close with highs and lows of the weekend (53:20).


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