Episode 252-Reggie’s Risk, Warriors-Jazz and Truth OR Trash

May 3, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show giving some love to all the people who said hi to them at WWE's Monday Night Raw  (1:39), they discussed Reggie McKenzie's confidence in Conley and how risky the pick was for the Raiders (6:21), the Panthers picked up Benjamin's option and they discussed his weight issues (12:20), the Cavs game one win over the Raptors and LeBron pretending to drink a beer (14:20), the Rockets dominate the Spurs and what's going on with LaMarcus Aldridge (19:20), Deuce doesn't get why some people are making too much out of the "nightlife" comments from the Warriors (26:52),  what type of chance Utah has in the series (32:15), Adam Jones dealt with racist comments from fans at Fenway and what MLB can do about it (33:00) and they close with Truth OR Trash including: the best 2nd round series will be Warriors-Jazz (39:22), Steph made fun of MadBum way too soon (40:50), Cards picher Carlos Martinez did the right thing by getting rid of his silver braids (42:30), The Rock is the best athlete turned actor (43:20), RAW was the best WWE event you've ever attended (44:20), the Clippers should let Blake walk this offseason (46:55), and Kap will find a new home soon (48:00).


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