Episode 259-Cavs-Warriors The New Lakers-Celtics and Bowman Trade Rumors

May 12, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about the Celtics-Wizards dud of a game (2:25), if another Cavs-Warriors finals would be boring and if it's the next Lakers-Celtics rivalry (6:20), they discuss a great charity event at Big Sexy Brewing Company (11:25), Draymond Green thinks the media is twisting his comments and if he has a legit point (15:18), Barkley says super teams have made the NBA boring (19:40), Durant thinks the NBA combine is pointless (22:58), how the feel about the Spurs-Rockets Game 6 (26:40), Deuce lost his wallet but claims someone probably stole his identity (30:18), Michael Lombardi says the 49ers are open to trading Bowman (34:19), Lynch and Shanahan release a joint-statement to deny it and Deuce doesn't understand why they're releasing a statement based on a rumor from a podcast (35:50).


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