Episode-256-LeBron’s Switch, Raptors Future and Giants In Trouble

May 9, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start Monday's show talking about how the Cavs have turned it on during the playoffs (1:51), how practice time has helped them (3:30), Lowry and DeRozan's struggles in the playoffs and if it's time for the Raptors to rebuild (6:20), what's going on with the Rockets-Spurs series (12:40), Alridge's issues one defense (15:15), the Wizards 26-0 run against Boston and why John Wall deserves more love (20:00),  if Isaiah's complaints about the officials were legit (21:40), Van Gundy's radical idea to get players to stop complaining (25:50), the Warriors taking care of business even with Curry and Klay struggling (28:40), Porzingis claims his twitter was hacked but Deuce does't buy it (32:50), Peter King says Kap may give up football (35:00) and they close with highs/lows of the weekend including Tyronne Lue fining JR Smith (36:40), Lillard and the Blazers donating their playoff shares (38:00), Patrick Beverley (38:50), Chris Bosh being sued by a porn company (41:25) and the Giants tough weekend (45:30).


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