Episode 281-Bobby Marks on NBA Draft and Trade Rumors

June 21, 2017

Deuce and Mo welcome in  former NBA executive and The Vertical's Bobby Marks to talk about the latest rumors involving Porzingis (1:30), why it'd be shocking for Phil Jackson to move him (2:30), the Cavs decision to fire GM David Griffin and why that's the hardest job in the NBA (3:50), how the Pacers can get a fair-value trade for Paul George (5:30), why he expects a lot of movement during the draft (7:10), what it's like preparing for a draft (8:20), what the war room is like during the draft (10:54), how a front office deals with the smoke screens before the draft (12:25), what Ainge is trying to do with all those picks and trading No.1 (14:40), why he loves the Fultz move for Philly (16:10), why he's not concerned about LaVar Ball (17:00), if the Kings should move the 10 pick for D'Angelo Russell (18:10), why he wouldn't trade 5 &10 to get Fox (19:20), why the Kings should offer 5 and 10 to the Knicks for Porzingis (20:10), how the Kings approach the offseason (20:50), if they're in a better spot now than if they would've given Cousins an extension (22:55), why he likes the Kings adding Scott Perry to its front office (24:15) and how the Kings could learn from how Warriors built their squad (25:20).


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