Episode 286-Jerry Rice with Deuce & Mo

June 28, 2017

Deuce and Mo caught up with Hall of Famer Jerry Rice at the Kings Golf Invitational (2:10), he talks about his golf game and running into Spud Webb (2:50), how he would do in today's NFL (3:30), the gloves wide receivers use (4:10), what he thinks about celebrations returning to the league (6:35), what he thinks of the 49ers hiring John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan (7:15), how he feels about their new culture and what Eddie D tried to do during his time as an owner (9:00), what made Eddie D so special (9:40), how he feels about the Brady-Montana comparisons and how he would date Joe Montana if he was a girl  (10:45), why he's bummed about the Raiders going to Las Vegas (12:10) and what it was like playing for Bill Wash (13:55). Deuce and Mo then reflect on why they liked the NBA Award Show (17:20), John Wall wants Paul George and dumped on Otto Porter at the same time (23:18), one NBA writer should be banned from voting (27:10), if the Kings should try get Rudy Gay back on a short-term deal (29:20), Deuce wondered if it was bad that Tom Brady was voted No. 1 in the NFLs Top 100 (31:40), what the San Francisco Giants need to do and how stretching may have caused chemistry issues (34:50) and they close with Truth OR Trash including Zeke Elliott is the most impressive athlete in the Body Issue (41:00), the Cavs should go all-in on Paul George (42:50) and LaVar Ball was great on WWE's Monday Night Raw (45:00).


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