Episode-292-NBA Free Agency, Deuce’s B-Day and McGee and the Kings?!

July 7, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the podcast with Deuce honoring himself because it's his 29th birthday (00:20),  what they make of the Kings meeting with JaVale McGee and if he fits with the team (3:40), what it would take for the Kings to land Jae Crowder from Boston (9:00), if the Kings are trying to trade some of their bigs (12:12), the small forward options (18:10), Rudy Gay's options (21:00), if Carroll makes sense for Sacramento (22:50), the Celtics adding Hayward (24:35), Hayward's letter to Utah fans (28:45), how Utah will adjust after Hayward (30:00), the Clippers landing Gallinari (32:40), what's going on with the Cavs front office (35:30), what they're looking forward to with Vegas Summer League (44:00) and a special edition of celebrity birthdays (52:00).


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