Episode 295-James Ham on Kings Offseason, NBA Changes and Truth OR Trash

July 13, 2017

Deuce and Mo explain what happened with Tuesday's lost podcast (00:20), they welcome in Kings Insider James Ham to talk about the most significant move of the offseason (2:40), why Vince Carter, Z-Bo and George Hill were interested in coming to Sacramento (4:05), how the vets can be mentors and can play (7:25), how the Kings handle Fox's minutes with Hill on the roster (9:40), Scott Perry's influence on the offseason (12:10),  how Vlade has improved (13:40), why he thinks Fox is going to be really good and he talked about Fox's growth plates (17:00), who stood out to him in Vegas (19:25), why he really likes Justin Jackson (21:55), how Malachi and Papagiannis fit in (26:05) and why James is cautiously optimistic about the Kings future (30:20). Deuce and Mo talk about why happened to the original episode 295 (34:10), the NBA rule changes and why it makes sense (38:30), the MLB All-Star game (46:05), the McGregor-Mayweather press conference and why Deuce took issue with some of McGregor's comments (48:00) and a special edition of Truth or Trash (50:20).


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