Episode 305-Ravens Interested in Kap, Kyrie Ignoring Cavs and Celebrity Birthdays

July 28, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing NFL injuries including Joe Flacco and why Deuce thinks it's a major concern for Baltimore (1:45), Ravens head coach John Harbaugh says the team is looking at Colin Kaepernick (3:20), Deuce and Mo wonder if they're truly interested in his services (5:55), how former 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman may have influence on the decision (8:05), Aaron Rodgers says he's in love again (12:00), Cavs owner Dan Gilbert hates on the Pacers talks about Kyrie's future with the team and Deuce and Mo wonder why Kyrie isn't picking up the team's calls (18:22), how LeBron is trying to play the GM role with the Kyrie trade (20:50), Morgan doesn't understand why some NBA rookies are considered untouchable on the trade market (21:30), Deuce says LeBron needs Kyrie more than ever (23:40), Morgan brings up one of Deuce's biggest weaknesses (27:40), a weird MLB ejection and why some MLB celebrations are great (31:40), they discuss the AAU game on ESPN and why Morgan didn't enjoy it at all (35:07), the problem with today's game but why the NBA is growing in popularity (37:30) and they finish with a special edition of Celebrity Birthdays (42:00).


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