Episode 263-NBA.com’s Scott Howard-Cooper on NBA Draft and Friday Mailbag

May 20, 2017

Morgan and Deuce kick off the podcast talking to NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper (00:55), if there's a can't-miss prospect in the NBA Draft (3:00), why Danny Ainge will shop the No.1 pick (5:15), why Isaiah and Markelle can work together (6:50), the most surprising thing in the NBA playoffs (7:40), Deuce thinks LeBron's play is the biggest surprise (8:43), Scott discussed the All-NBA voting (10:40), what he thinks of the Kings front office additions (16:10), the Kings roster and the No.5 and No. 10 picks (19:30), what front offices love about De'Aaron Fox (21:23), the concerns about his shooting (24:00), why front offices are intrigued with International PG Frank Ntilikina (26:00), if teams may be concerned about Josh Jackson and his emotions (28:43), interest in Lauri Markkanen (30:05), why O.G. is a name to watch for the Kings (31:20) and what he's heard about Bogdan Bogdanovic (33:30). Deuce and Mo then close with the Friday Mailbag from the Deuce-Bags and Mo-Rons (37:40).


Episode 262-Deuce’s Concussion, All-NBA Team and Lottery

May 20, 2017

Deuce and Mo return after Deuce missed two days with a concussion so Deuce spent way too much time recapping his journey (00:35), they discuss the All-NBA team (5:30), Deuce doesn't understand how Cousins doesn't make the team (7:16), they recap the NBA Draft lottery and why they were fine with the Kings landing the No.5 and 10 pick (13:15), Deuce says he's on the Fox bandwagon and how Playstation helped improve his game (15:30), he explains why he's cool with the men rompers and Morgan is disgusted (21:05), how the Kings front office is changing it's image and meeting with top prospects (22:30), if Ball will land with the Lakers (25:40), they discuss why the Celtics shouldn't trade the No.1 pick (29:49), the crazy stat about LeBron and if it means anything (32:20), LeBron's big Game 1 (34:14), Pop does the right thing by calling out LaMarcus (37:10), a Spurs fan is suing Zaza and the Warriors (40:00), Derek Carr and the Raiders working on a new deal (43:10), who to believe: Giselle or the NFL (45:20), the drama between LaVar Ball and Kristine Leahy (50:37) and if the Giants are turning it around (54:25).


Episode 261-Zaza’s Dirty, Pop Goes Off and Jeter’s Night

May 20, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show looking back at Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals (1:05), Kawhi's injury and if Zaza was dirty when he stepped under Kawhi (2:15), Draymond says he's not dirty (5:30), Popovich goes off about Zaza (6:25), Deuce says he wasn't that surprised by the Warriors comeback (12:45), why people are talking about Bruce Bowen (14:30), Iguodala's injury and how significant it can be (19:31), they look ahead to Wizards-Celtics Game 7 (27:00), the draft lottery is almost here and they wonder why the Kings are interviewing a player who's projected to go No. 1 (28:50), Sacramento trying to change its reputation (30:35), Eddie Lacy could earn $55,000 by weighing 255 pounds or less (32:30), if Kap is a possibility in Seattle (34:47) and they close with highs and lows of the weekend including Steve Kerr (38:30), the Giants win 3 straight (39:50), the Boston Celtics wearing all-black (42:35) and Derek Jeter's Night in New York (44:29).


Episode 260-What happened to Harden? Spurs-Warriors and Friday Mailbag

May 13, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show talking the about the Spurs incredible 39-point victory over the Rockets (1:00), what happened to James Harden (2:00), Popovich's adjustments defending the pick and roll and their defense at the rim (5:12), Pop making sure his guys are ready to go and D'Antoni not trusting his bench (8:54), how LaMarcus looked like the player we saw in Portland (11:00), Ryan Anderson's weird shooting numbers at home (13:30), how the Spurs built their team with late pick and development (18:10), the Warriors are heavy-favorites against San Antonio (20:45), they talk about if the Spurs have a chance (25:05), Magic Johnson isn't concerned with LaVar Ball (27:20), Morgan can't believe that Deuce would want LaVar Ball on the podcast (28:40), Tom Brady is on the cover of Madden and if he's worried about the Madden Curse (30:20), Solomon Thomas weighed 195 pounds in the 4th grade (33:10), the A's new ballpark pass is awesome (36:30) and they close with the Friday Mailbag from the loyal Deuce-Bags and MoRons (39:40).


Episode 259-Cavs-Warriors The New Lakers-Celtics and Bowman Trade Rumors

May 12, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about the Celtics-Wizards dud of a game (2:25), if another Cavs-Warriors finals would be boring and if it's the next Lakers-Celtics rivalry (6:20), they discuss a great charity event at Big Sexy Brewing Company (11:25), Draymond Green thinks the media is twisting his comments and if he has a legit point (15:18), Barkley says super teams have made the NBA boring (19:40), Durant thinks the NBA combine is pointless (22:58), how the feel about the Spurs-Rockets Game 6 (26:40), Deuce lost his wallet but claims someone probably stole his identity (30:18), Michael Lombardi says the 49ers are open to trading Bowman (34:19), Lynch and Shanahan release a joint-statement to deny it and Deuce doesn't understand why they're releasing a statement based on a rumor from a podcast (35:50).


Episode 258-Manu’s Heroics, Matt Harvey Apologizes and Hayward Leaving Utah?

May 11, 2017

OFFICIAL SITE: https://www.deuceandmo.com
AUDIO: https://audioboom.com/posts/5906606-episode-258-manu-s-heroics-matt-harvey-apologizes-and-hayward-leaving-utah
Deuce and Mo start the show talking about the Spurs OT win over the Rockets (2:50), Manu's throwback game (4:50), if the Spurs should sit Kawhi in Game 6 (5:54), Pop screaming at Pau Gasol and how it's been one of his better coaching jobs (8:15), one great adjustment by the Spurs (11:20), some people say Deuce looks like he's having weight issues (12:43), Morgan gives us some "fun facts" about the NBA playoffs but Deuce craps all over them (14:40), if Olynyk is a really a dirty player (20:20), where Gordon Hayward could be heading and why Deuce wants him to stay in Utah (24:40), expect big changes with the Raptors (30:19), Kings free agency plans (34:00) and they close the show talking about Matt Harvey and if they'd rather play pro baseball or football (38:40).


Episode 257-Jerry Reynolds on NBA Playoffs and Rudy Gay Opting-Out

May 10, 2017

Morgan and Deuce catch up with former NBA  coach/GM Jerry Reynolds about Rudy Gay's decision to opt-out (1:20), how Rudy could help a good team as a stretch-four (2:50), some college prospects that he likes (5:35), playing defense in today's NBA (7:!5), why he thinks Houston will beat the Spurs (11:40), the struggles from LaMarcus Aldridge (13:20), the Wizards are more talented than the Celtics and how Boston can't match that (15:40), why he'll never get over the Kings losing Isaiah Thomas (17:05), what to do with the Clippers (22:40), the Raptors offseason and why it may be smart to let Lowry walk (26:20), DeRozan's inability to hit the three (27:50), LeBron's success in his 14th season (30:00) and he's confident we'll see a Warriors-Cavs NBA Finals again (31:25). Deuce and Mo talk about a depressing anniversary (32:20), why Deuce is not a Rudy Gay-hater (35:35), Draymond's comments about the Cavs, dirty players and Porzingis (38:40) and they close with Truth OR Trash (47:05).


Episode-256-LeBron’s Switch, Raptors Future and Giants In Trouble

May 9, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start Monday's show talking about how the Cavs have turned it on during the playoffs (1:51), how practice time has helped them (3:30), Lowry and DeRozan's struggles in the playoffs and if it's time for the Raptors to rebuild (6:20), what's going on with the Rockets-Spurs series (12:40), Alridge's issues one defense (15:15), the Wizards 26-0 run against Boston and why John Wall deserves more love (20:00),  if Isaiah's complaints about the officials were legit (21:40), Van Gundy's radical idea to get players to stop complaining (25:50), the Warriors taking care of business even with Curry and Klay struggling (28:40), Porzingis claims his twitter was hacked but Deuce does't buy it (32:50), Peter King says Kap may give up football (35:00) and they close with highs/lows of the weekend including Tyronne Lue fining JR Smith (36:40), Lillard and the Blazers donating their playoff shares (38:00), Patrick Beverley (38:50), Chris Bosh being sued by a porn company (41:25) and the Giants tough weekend (45:30).


Episode 255-Deuce & Mo’s Friday Mailbag

May 6, 2017

Morgan and Deuce discussed the physical play in the Wizards-Celtics series (2:30), the Warriors haven't trailed in a game since Game 3 of the Portland series (11:00), Draymond playing after his knee buckled (11:50), LaVar Ball's comments and Deuce explains why we shouldn't expect Lonzo to push away his father (16:00), why Reuben Foster may not play in 2017 (21:30), Jay Cutler lands with FOX and they discuss who will be better in the booth: Romo or Cutler (25:50) and they debut the first ever Deuce and Mo Friday mailbag including: what Kings jersey should I buy for my son? (31:35), a MFK scenario (33:50), the player in each sport who's being wasted by their franchise (36:40), who the Warriors should hire if Kerr retires (42:00) and some Kings offseason questions (44:30).


Episode 254-Lonzo Ball’s New Shoe, Parker Done and a York-Harbaugh Dinner

May 5, 2017

Deuce and Mo start their daily sports podcast talking about the price of Lonzo Ball's new shoes (2:20), they wonder why anyone would buy them (5:40), the Cavs destroy the Raptors again and Deuce says he's bored with the series (9:15), the Spurs win over the Rockets and they loss of Tony Parker (15:00), the NBAs issue with players drawing fouls from three-point land (18:49), Popovich says Kawhi is the best player in the game (22:51), Kobe Bryant helps Isaiah Thomas (29:40), Jed York says he wants to have dinner with Harbaugh and Deuce and Mo say they think York comes across as a politician (31:35), Pete Carroll now says a Sherman trade isn't likely so they discuss if they two sides can repair their relationship (38:05), Jay Cutler thinking about joining the NFL on FOX (40:07) and LeBron has an issue with a beer company (44:27).


Episode 253-Matt Barrows on 49ers Draft and Isaiah’s Big Night

May 4, 2017

Morgan and Deuce catch up with SacBee's 49ers beat writer Matt Barrows about his favorite basketball team (00:50), what surprised him about John Lynch's first draft (3:15), Paraag Marathe's role with the team (4:25), how he felt about Peter King's inside look at the 49ers draft (5:42), if Foster dropped to the 49ers more because of the shoulder concerns or the issues at the combine (7:45), he talks about Carlos Hyde's future with the team (9:05), what they like about Ahkello Witherspoon (10:20), why Shanahan liked Iowa QB CJ Bethard (12:10), what Kap's future is like and where he may be headed (13:30) and how the Richard Sherman situation could play out in Seattle (17:42). Deuce and Mo look back at Isaiah's 53-point outing (22:40), how he's had so much success (25:50), the Warriors toying with the Jazz in Game 1 (37:20), why Deuce starting sounding like a cat (42:10), what the Spurs need to do in Game 2 and how they can defend the Harden pick-and-roll (45:30), Manny Machado's awesome rant about the Red Sox throwing at him (48:30), LaVar Ball wants to sell Big Baller Brand shoes for $200 (52:30),  how one Mets fan is honoring his late friend and if it's creepy or beautiful (56:00).


Episode 252-Reggie’s Risk, Warriors-Jazz and Truth OR Trash

May 3, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show giving some love to all the people who said hi to them at WWE's Monday Night Raw  (1:39), they discussed Reggie McKenzie's confidence in Conley and how risky the pick was for the Raiders (6:21), the Panthers picked up Benjamin's option and they discussed his weight issues (12:20), the Cavs game one win over the Raptors and LeBron pretending to drink a beer (14:20), the Rockets dominate the Spurs and what's going on with LaMarcus Aldridge (19:20), Deuce doesn't get why some people are making too much out of the "nightlife" comments from the Warriors (26:52),  what type of chance Utah has in the series (32:15), Adam Jones dealt with racist comments from fans at Fenway and what MLB can do about it (33:00) and they close with Truth OR Trash including: the best 2nd round series will be Warriors-Jazz (39:22), Steph made fun of MadBum way too soon (40:50), Cards picher Carlos Martinez did the right thing by getting rid of his silver braids (42:30), The Rock is the best athlete turned actor (43:20), RAW was the best WWE event you've ever attended (44:20), the Clippers should let Blake walk this offseason (46:55), and Kap will find a new home soon (48:00).


Episode 251-Don’t Blow Up The Clips, NFL Draft and Highs/Lows

May 2, 2017

Deuce and Mo start Monday's show with Deuce bragging up hanging out with WWE Superstar Cesaro (1:40), they look back at the 49ers and Raiders drafts and why Morgan isn't getting that excited about draft prospects (4:30), they talk about the Raiders addition of Obi Melifonwu (6:30), Lynch is fired up about his first NFL draft (11:30), why the Bills fired their GM the day after the draft (16:00), DeShaun Watson bought his mom a new car (18:00), Deuce and Mo want me players to bring items/things to the stage when they get drafted (19:15),  they discussed the NBA playoffs, Isaiah Thomas losing his tooth and why he should sell it (21:40), Utah eliminated the Clips and if they have a shot at making an interesting series against the Warriors (26:30), Deuce says the Clippers should not blow up their roster (30:32), if it's time to worry about the Giants slow start (40:40) and they close with highs and lows of the weekend including a failed marriage proposal (44:30), Chino Hills firing their head coach because of Lavar Ball (49:00) and ESPNs NBA coverage (49:30).


Episode 250-Kings head coach Dave Joerger

April 29, 2017

Deuce and Mo catch up with Sacramento Kings head coach Dave Joerger about his experience in the community of Sacramento (1:40), when he knew he wanted to be a head coach (2:20), what his game was like in high school and college (3:30), how he builds relationships with his staff and players (6:00), advice he would give to someone if they wanted to get into coaching (7:20), on what he does to unwind (8:35), why he wants to take some of the young guys to NBA Playoff games (9:35), how he works on his craft during the offseason (11:15), how his teams get a reputation for playing hard (13:10), his upcoming coach's clinic (15:10), Deuce asks how a coach or defender is supposed to deal with offense players having so many advantages in the NBA (16:40), why he's excited for the future of the Kings (20:05), how they may get even younger next year and the word of advice he recently received from a high school coach (20:40).


Episode 248-ESPN Layoffs, Marshawn lands with the Raiders and NBA Playoffs

April 27, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing the tough day at ESPN as 100 people were laid off (1:05),  how our viewing habits have changed as sports fans (4:00), Deuce is extremely fired up that Marshawn Lynch is now with the Raiders (10:20), why Lynch is back and what type of shape he's in (12:20), they discuss OKC getting eliminated and Westbrook's performance (22:05), what OKC has to do to get better and how Westbrook can improve (24:50), the Westbrook-Beverley feud (29:30), the Clippers-Jazz series and CP3s awesome postgame comment (32:30), Deuce explains why it's OK to be suspicious of Eric Thames explosive start with Milwaukee (39:20) and they close with Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush landing the Miami Marlins (43:40).


Episode 247-One-Year Anniversary Podcast

April 26, 2017

Deuce and Mo celebrate the one-year anniversary of their podcast (00:30), they discuss Adrian Peterson landing with the Saints and what to expect for New Orleans (6:42), someone says Morgan looks orange (12:54), Deuce doesn't buy that the 49ers are interested in Trubisky with the No. 2 pick (16:18), if teams will feel differently about Jabrill Peppers after the diluted sample (20:40), Warriors sweep the Blazers and where Portland will go during the offseason (22:57), if they could go after Rudy Gay or Paul George (27:00), how the Rockets are trying to get fans to come to the game early (35:20), Morgan talks about the importance of the Spurs bouncing back and how they can do it (38:40), Deuce wants CP3 to sign with the Spurs (41:20) and they close with Truth OR Trash including: we will be doing the podcast in one-year (44:58), Richard Sherman will get traded on draft night (45:37), it's time to hand the trophy to the Warriors (48:10), Joe Thornton should be commended for playing with torn ACL and MCL (51:02) and Deuce owes Matt Cain an apology (52:20).


Episode 246-Kerr’s Absence, NBA Playoffs, MadBum’s Injury

April 25, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing Steve Kerr's health issues and how it impacts the Warriors (1:05), Kerr not getting enough credit for his coaching and some of the bad coaching from the weekend (9:20), what happens to OKC when Westbrook goes to the bench and why their head coach deserves some of the blame (13:39), how Westbrook handled the media after the loss (14:40), Beverley gets fined for getting into it with a fan and why the league should take a closer look (19:15), they look back at the Jazz tying the series with Joe Johnson taking over (24:50), Hoiberg's beef with the refs and Isaiah Thomas (32:20), why the Spurs are struggling with Memphis and they talked about Kawhi's 4th quarter (38:39), Deuce says the Giants are done after MadBum's injury (45:38), Deuce has issues with the Posey commercial and they close with highs and lows of the weekend (53:20).


Episode 245-LeBron’s Comeback, The Young Bucks and NFL Schedule

April 22, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start with the Cavs 25-point comeback win over the Pacers and LeBron's performance (2:40), LeBron left the Pacers speechless (8:15), benching Kyrie and Love in the 4th (11:25), how Paul George handled the loss (17:25), why the Raptors can't get over the hump (22:32), the Young Bucks and how Jason Kidd is a genius (24:40), The Greek Freak does things that don't show up on the stat sheet (25:50), how the Bucks built the roster without a whole bunch of high draft picks (28:40), how the Bucks trolled the Raptors with the Barney theme song (30:40), Deuce brags about being right about the fact the Grizzlies needed to start Zach Randoplh (33:22), Pop benching all of his starters in the 3rd and how no other coach would do that (37:40), the Bulls losing Rondo and what the Bulls shouild do at PG (39:10), why the Cavs GM could leave the team to go to Orlando (42:40) and they wonder how much credit David Griffin deserves for the Cavs success (43:20).


Episode 244-Westbrook 4th Quarter, George’s Leadership and Myles Garrett To The Browns

April 21, 2017

Morgan and Deuce kick off the show talking about Westbrook's bad 4th quarter against Houston (2:40), the game got close so Westbrook tried doing too much instead of trusting the offense (4:07), how Houston got it going (7:50), the Warriors dominate without Durant (16:38), Steph eliminated distractions and why Deuce would never check social media if he was an NBA player (22:34), Wizards-Hawks Game 2 and what was wrong with Dwight Howard (25:00), Paul George claims he wasn't throwing his teammates under the bus (29:12), they talk about the NFL schedule leaks (33:39), Deuce is irritated that Raiders-Patriots is in Mexico City (35:55), why Myles Garrett twitter accounts proves the Browns are drafted him (37:38), the Falcons GM is cool with drafting players with character issues (39:45) and they close with some NBA Game 3 predictions (44:00).


Episode 243-Celtics On The Ropes, Duran’t’s Injury and Aaron Hernandez

April 20, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about the Celtics in an 0-2 hole and if the can bounce back (2:20), why Rondo is playing better (4:20), the series shows why Danny Ainge was trying to get Paul George or Jimmy Butler (6:02), Lowry's performance against Milwaukee in Game 2 (12:35), they discuss their favorite Austrailian players in the NBA playoffs (15:20), the Jazz in trouble without Gobert (17:20), Durant's injury and if Kerr should rest (22:00), Deuce talks about the award that a loyal fan sent them (24:00), the Grizzlies rallying around their head coach (30:00), Aaron Hernandez dies and Deuce and Mo discuss the media coverage surrounding the story (32:00) and the Bucs land on HardKnocks (38:20).


Episode 242-Poor Officiating, Cavs Defense and Carr on Raider Fans

April 19, 2017

Deuce and Mo reflect on the Spurs win over Memphis in Game 2 and why David Fizdale went on one of the great rants ever (1:40), Kawhi's big time performance should get more love (11:50), Cavs get the win but struggle on defense (15:30), Paul George was critical of his teammates again and they discuss if it was OK for him to be that open with the media (20:40), Gregg Popovich had some fun with the media after the Spurs win (25:50), how the Celtics series has shifted and why it's OK for Isaiah to take his time (27:50), Derek Carr says fans leaving Raiders after news about the move aren't true fans (32:40), Deuce says Derek doesn't need to be talking about Vegas right now (34:30), Pacman Jones proves anger management didn't work for him (37:20) and they close with Truth or Trash (39:20) including: Fizdale did the right thing by ranting to the media (39:30), Paul George's time with Pacers is coming to an end (40:10), Melo will be in a new uniform next year (41:00), the ring collapsing was better than the ambulance flip (42:00), Kendrick Lamar is starting to become overrated (42:40) and you wish you were at Coachella (45:38).


Episode 241-NBA Playoff Weekend and Highs/Lows

April 18, 2017

Morgan and Deuce look back at the NBA Playoff weekend including Paul George not getting the last shot against Cleveland (1:30), if the best player has to take the last shot (5:00), the Cavs issues on defense (7:31), The Greek Freak's incredible game against Toronto and what's up with Kyle Lowry (9:30), the Spurs blowout win over Memphis and Deuce gave Memphis credit for something they were doing late in the game (15:29), Gobert's injury, Joe Johnson's big shot and the Clippers playoff issues (18:00), Grumpy Doc Rivers (22:30), the physicality in the Wizards-Hawks series (24:30), they looked back at Draymond's performance against Portland and why it's going to be a great series (26:20), Kerr was in love with Draymond's game (30:08), Isaiah's emotional night after losing his sister (34:19), Houston handles OKC without making a ton of threes (41:55), Harden getting the bigs defending him on the switch (42:33), Deuce's favorite play was Adams with a monster screen on Beverely (44:30), Morgan isn't surprised Harden and Westbrook aren't talking during the playoffs (47:00) and they close with highs and lows of the sports weekend (48:40).


Episode 240-Marshawn Agrees To Deal With Raiders and NBA Playoff Preview

April 15, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show talking about Marshawn Lynch agreeing to a deal with the Raiders and concerns about him coming to Oakland (1:00), why he's decided he wants to come back (3:00), if this is just a PR move by the Raiders (6:10), why working out a trade with Seattle shouldn't be too difficult (9:15), they preview the NBA playoffs, give thei predictions for the first round and why Jeff Van Gundy think it's already over (14:20), Moe Harkless could've lost $500,000 on the final game of the season  (33:02), LeBron says he knows why he's confident about the Cavs but doesn't explain (36:12), Phil Jackson's beef with Melo (39:27), Dean Blandino leaves the NFL (41:17), the Mariners are selling toasted grasshoppers like crazy (45:00) and they close with Ask Us Anything (47:50).


Episode 239-Deuce & Mo’s NBA Award Show

April 14, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show going over their NBA awards including rookie of the year and why Embiid is eliminated (1:50), front office of the year (4:53), 6th man of the year (6:25), coach of the year (8:05), most improved player and why Deuce doesn't think this is even a debate (10:56), Deuce says Morgan is Most Improved on the podcast (14:21), defensive player of the year (15:40)  they debate the NBA MVP and Morgan doesn't like that Deuce went Co-MVP (19:00), Deuce gets mad at some podcast listeners for not listening to what he just said (24:30). Morgan and Deuce then give out their random NBA awards including team of the year (31:20), man crush of the year (32:44), biggest surprise of the season (34:41), the Sacramento King of the year (39:30) and they look ahead to the Kings offseason (44:30).


Episode 238-LeBron Not Resting, Kings Fans and who’s going No.1 in NFL Draft?

April 13, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the podcast dicussing LeBron resting vs. Miami but out at the club the night before the game (3:00), why the media covered Odell Beckham on a boat but not the LeBron story (7:30), they look back at the Kings home finale and why Deuce has been so impressed with Kings fans (12:30), Temple says they're the best fanbase he's seen (14:30), Big Papa's altercation with Bender and the growth they've seen from Papa (16:30), Willie Cauley-Stein is super confident about his game (21:20), why Spolestra is talking about eating an elephant (27:42), Romo's debut with the Dallas Mavericks and why he wasn't allowed to play (30:21), Deuce doesn't understand why Matt Ryan would go back and watch the game film from their loss to the Patriots (35:38), why the Browns may not with Garrett with the No. 1 pick (39:50) and they wrap up talking about why MLBs concussion policy could be better than the NFLs (46:00).


Episode 237-Marshan to New England, A’s get rid of tarps & Raptors the favorites in East?

April 12, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the podcast talking about the final days of the NBA season (1:01), how the NBA playoff standings don't change much from the end of November to April (5:10), if the Cavs don't come out of the East, who will? (10:00), they discussed the possibility of Marshawn going to New England (20:10), the A's are getting rid of the tarps in Oakland (23:47), Truth or Trash including: Warriors-Blazers is the best 1st round matchup (29:15), You got excited with the release of the NFL Preseason schedule (31:00), You'd totally try to toasted grasshoppers at a Mariners game (32:05), Braun Stroman flipping over an ambulance on RAW was too cheesy (36:39) and Barkley cutting off a co-workers man bun was great because a man bun is an AWFUL look (38:07).


Episode 236-Westbrook Sets Record, Romo To The Mavs and Highs/Lows

April 11, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing Westbrook's amazing game-winner and set the All-Time triple-double mark (2:10), Deuce doesn't like that the MVP won't be announced until June 26th (8:17), the West playoff matchups are set (10:20), Harden campaigns for MVP and they dicuss it (10:45), the Cavs blow a 26-point lead and Deuce wonders if there's more going on in the Cleveland locker room (15:05), Jerry West says he doesn't like being called "The Logo" and he wishes the league should change it (23:51), who should be the next NBA logo (25:35), the NBA player who pissed off the opposing team and gamblers in the same night (28:00), Deuce is thinking about becoming a Mavs fan after he found out how they will honor Romo (30:30), they wonder if it'd be cool if he actually played in the game (32:45), the 49ers make a good decision and so does their new RB (37:30) and they close with highs and lows of the weekending including Sergio's win (44:35), Dame Lillard (48:00), and why Westbrook is Deuce's low of the weekend (49:45).


Episode 235-Richard Sherman trade talks, Warriors on fire and Cavs send message

April 7, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about a wild night in the NBA including LeBron and the Cavs sending a message to Boston (2:45), why this game was bigger for the Celtics (6:38), Isaiah says the Celtics laid an egg and Deuce wonders why that's such a negative term (7:30), the Warriors make NBA history AGAIN and why the Spurs have to be kicking themselves (10:55), Klay credits his hot shooting to the nice weather (12:55), Westbrook came close to triple-double record (18:55), Rodman says LeBron isn't tough but Kerr comes to LeBron's defense (21:48), why Jay Cutler isn't getting any love on free agent market (28:05), the Seahawks are open to moving Richard Sherman (31:05), they wonder if the Raiders have reached out to the Seahawks about Sherman (34:20) and if the Cowboys and Pats may be interested (41:30).


Episode 234-Co-MVPs, Lance is Lance and Lynch Visits Raiders

April 6, 2017

Deuce and Mo started the show talking about the wild NBA MVP race as the season comes to a close (2:00), Westbrook ties Oscar's triple-double record (4:45), Deuce takes a look at the last time an NBA MVP came from a losing time and also an MVP with a similar record as OKC's (7:40), looking more at James Harden's numbers (10:42), the drama between Lance Stephenson and the Raptors (14:20), the Warriors winning streak and Steph's crazy pass (19:00), LeBron isn't amped for a regular-season game against Boston (21:10), the Kings get a win even if they try to tank (24:00), why Tony Romo will never say never (27:35) and Marshawn Lych predictions (31:55).


Episode 233-Tony Romo retires, Deuce cries and Truth OR Trash

April 5, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing what happened at the NCAA Men's Championship game (1:05), NBA players complaining about the officiating in the UNC-Gonzaga game (7:20), Tony Romo retires and lands a new gig with CBS Sports (11:00), Deuce explains why Romo is underappreciated and defends him from all the Deuce-Bags and Mo-Rons who hate on him (14:40), NBA no longer allows team broadcasters to vote on player awards (22:20), Deuce thinks they should have a small committee of people to vote for the awards (24:17), Orlando's offseason plans become public (26:38), the tough decisions the Warriors will have with some of their players (29:14), the A's home opener (33:20) and they close with Truth or Trash including Tony Romo is a Hall of Famer (36:50), Houston should take a look at Kap (38:20), the Warriors are clearly the best team in the West (38:55), Steph Curry is having a down year (39:40) and the best moment of RAW was Finn's return (41:05).


Episode 232-All-Stars Drafted Late, Baseball is Back, WrestleMania Recap & Peterson to Pats?

April 4, 2017

Deuce and Mo reflect on the one-year anniversary of April 1 (1:13), Deuce starts the podcast with a KYBK on how many 2017 All-Stars were drafted 7th or higher (3:20), Warriors stay hot and JaVale ticks off his former team (7:42), LeBron and Thompson get into it (11:12), T-Mac gets into the Hall of Fame but C-Webb misses the cut (14:39), Adrian Peterson visits the Pats and they talk about if New England really wants him (17:30), they wonder if Belichick was ticked seeing Gronk in the ring at WrestleMania (19:52), why some NFL owners aren't thrilled about Vegas (22:10), baseball is back and the Giants started the season in the worst possible way (24:37), they predict the NCAA Men's championship (28:30), UCONN women's team loses and why it was good for women's college basketball (30:17), Deuce thought it was weird Dak was wearing his college football jersey (30:40), highs and lows of the weekend include Draymond punching Harden's wrist (33:25), G-Man disliking Cousins showboating against the Kings (34:15) and the Cena proposal (37:40). They end the podcast with their WrestleMania recap (39:25), Bray losing to Orton (42:05), why they loved Shane-Styles (43:17), Taker's last match (44:20), Goldberg-Lesnar (47:30), Jim Ross returns to WWE (49:10), the return of the Hardy Boyz (51:00) and why Morgan loved Triple H-Rollins (53:05).


Bonus Show-WrestleMania 33 Preview

March 31, 2017

Deuce and Morgan kick off their WrestleMania preview podcast discussing their excitement level (00:45), Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal (1:50), Crusierweight Championship (5:40), the Smackdown women's championship (6:20), why they're excited for the WWE Tag Team Triple-Threat Ladder Match (7:39), Ambrose-Corbin for the Intercontinental Championship (10:20), 4-way women's elimination match (12:00), the Power Coupler tag team match with Cena-Bella vs. Miz-Maryse (14:40), if it's time for a Miz title run (16:30), Jericho-Owens and what to expect (17:00), Deuce compares Jericho to Vince Carter (17:40), AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon and Deuce explains why he wants a heel turn from Shane (21:30), HHH-Seth Rollins and why they're not sure Seth will even fight (24:00), Deuce has his ultimate fantasy booking which leads to Finn actually fighting HHH (24:40), why they're not thrilled about Roman Reigns-Undertaker (29:30), Wyatt-Orton (31:00), Goldberg-Lesnar and why it may be better than we thijnk (32:50).


Episode 231-Boogie vs. Kings Preview and NFL Coaches Being Too Honest

March 31, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show talking about Morgan staying up too late (00:50), the red-hot Warriors and how they've figuted it out with Durant (3:00), Westbrook's amazing 57-point triple-double and why we should appreciate what we're seeing in the NBA (11:34), they look ahead to what they expect and want to see in Boogie's first game taking on his old team (18:10), why the Vegas  NHL team isn't excited for the Raiders (29:40), Deuce and Morgan get into a passionate debate about Garrett talking about Romo's durability (31:40), Pete Carroll being open about trading Richard Sherman (38:00), why Deuce thinks Marshawn may not be returning now (40:29) and Greg Hardy's failed comeback attempt (43:40).


Episode 230-Brady Playing 6 More Years, Future of NFL QBs and Shocking Kawhi Stat

March 30, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show talking about the chances of Tom Brady playing 6-7 more years (2:20), Belichick coaching until he's 80 (5:45), how the atmosphere will be in Oakland for Raiders games and the reaction from Draymond and Charles Woodson (8:00), the amount of money some cities are paying for stadiums (12:20), the A's future in Oakland and why they're headed in the right direction (15:10), the future of QBs including Cutler, Kap and Manziel (17:00), why Harbaugh thinks Kap is one of the best QBs in the NFL (18:40), who Goodell should talk to about celebrations (26:24), if they feel different about the Rockets after the Warriors win (30:24), the shocking stat that proves Kawhi Leonard is a robot (33:40), why Lonzo didn't do anything wrong when talking about Fultz (38:40), Deuce slobbers over Nurkic and his revenge game (44:20) and Vin Scully says he won't the Dodgers on opening day (46:40).


Episode 229-ESPNs Arash Markazi on Raiders to Vegas. Hinkie to the Kings?

March 29, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing the rumors surrounding Sam Hinkie and the Kings (2:15), if Hinkie is a good GM (3:30), why this story got leaked out (5:35), why it makes sense to stick with Vlade (10:10) and the Cavs losing the number one seed and why Deuce didn't like Kyrie shooting after the game (18:00). They talk about the announcement of the Raiders moving to Vegas (25:20), Morgan and Deuce talk to ESPNs Arash Markazi from Las Vegas where he discusses why the NFL was attracted to Vegas (31:30), how risky the Vegas market is for the NFL (32:20), the excitement from the locals (33:10), how players will feel about playing in Vegas (34:10), why all these teams moving is a bad look for the NFL (35:30), the fan support in Oakland now that this move is happening (37:40), why he likes Las Vegas (39:50), they look ahead to WrestleMania (41:10), why we should be excited for Mania (42:20), Jericho vs. Owens (43:30), the time Morgan took Arash to a lame place in Sacramento (45:00), Arash talks about his favorite story he's covered (46:20) and they close with Truth OR Trash (48:55).


Episode 228-Raiders Move to Vegas, NBA Co-MVPs and Final Four

March 28, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing the Raiders move to Vegas (1:00), the significance of the move to Vegas and the team playing in Oakland for two more seasons (2:50), how Raiders fans will handle this news (7:25), teams don't move when they're good (8:30), the fan support in Vegas (11:40), how players will feel about the move to Vegas (21:20), they looked back at the wild weekend of March Madness and why Deuce is crushing on Fox (25:22), what Deuce hates about the Final Four (32:21), Richard Sherman thinks Kap is getting blackballed and Morgan wonders why Mark Sanchez gets a chance but Kap can't (34:00), the Kings comeback from 18-down in the 4th to beat the Clippers (42:40), Kobe makes a case for Co-MVPs (48:40), Patrick Beverley calls players who rest a disgrace to the game (54:30) and they finish with highs and lows of the weekeind (58:20) including Luke Maye attending class after his big shot (58:30), the SI.com Kids Reporter who asked a great question to Frank Martin (59:30) and Devin Booker's 70-point game (1:01:45).


Episode 227-”Phantom” talks Kings, Lonzo Ball and Deuce playing basketball

March 25, 2017

Deuce and Morgan welcome radio icon "Phantom" to the show to talk about the old radio days (1:15), what the original ARCO was like and what it was like seeing Jerry Reynolds picking up a technical for passing out (2:10), NBA players resting (4:10), if the Kings are in better shape now compared to a year ago (7:05), if he's excited about any of the young Kings players (8:25), what he like about Lonzo Ball (9:21), Phantom talked about Deuce's poor basketball IQ (12:05), the time Deuce scored on a former NBA player (14:45), tanking in the NBA (17:30) and the best in-game dunker of All-Time (21:57). Morgan and Deuce then talked about the UCLA-Kentucky game (25:00), how the media should handle LaVar Ball coverage (25:59), how Patrick Ewing almost got the Kings head coaching job (34:42), Matt Barnes wants to kill the Kings (35:30), the Suns started the youngest lineup in NBA history (39:06), some more NFL rule changes (42:30), why Kap hasn't been signed (46:20) and they finish with a special Friday edition of "Ask Us Anything" (49:00).


Episode 226-Fixing NFL Celebrations, NBA Road Teams Better Than Ever and WBC

March 24, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce admitting he watched a little First Take (00:54), Manziel meets with Sean Payton and why it shouldn't be a big deal (2:09), the NFL will produce a video so players know which types of celebrations are allowed (4:55), Morgan thinks some celebrations takeaway from the game (10:00), Westbrook's unique triple-double (17:40), Jason Kidd says Lonzo Ball might be better than him (23:22), Deuce and Mo wonder if the Cavs have the defense to get back to the Finals (26:40), Anthony Tolliver is the league leader in a really cool stat (31:30), NBA teams are better on the road and some GMs say it's because of their sex life (35:20) and they end the show discussing the World Baseball Classic and why more people aren't interested in it (42:20).


Episode 225-Changes Coming to NFL and Fights in NBA

March 23, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about changes coming to the NFL and how Goodell is trying to turn into the people's commissioner (1:17), they share their ideas about how to make the game better (7:00), sports leagues listening to the fans (10:50), they discuss their commissioner power rankings (12:19), the Lopez-Ibaka fight and Deuce wonders if they should even be suspended (16:55), LeBron fires back at LaVar Ball (23:30), they discuss the "Greek Freak's" history-making season with the Bucks (30:40) and why his season proves we should have more patient with young players (32:00).


Episode 224-Sam Amick on NBA Rest, Lonzo Ball and NBA MVP Race

March 22, 2017

Deuce and Morgan welcome the USA Today's Sam Amick to talk about the NBA's rest issue and the importance of finding a solution (1:30), how owners may be involved with managing rosters (3:00), Sam explains why Harden says he wouldn't rest (4:20), why the rest issue is complicated to figure out (5:50), Sam talks about the NBA MVP race and why it's so tricky (9:00), why LeBron doesn't get enough love for MVP (12:14), why the West up for grabs (18:20), Sam talks about how some NBA execs feel about Lonzo Ball and why they're not so concerned about his father (20:49), if he's surpsied Cousins hasn't lifted the Pelicans to the 8th spot (24:50), his impressions of Skal (28:40) and what is on his playlist (30:30). Jeff Van Gundy gives his thoughts on the rest issue (34:20), they discuss President Trump and Jim Harbaugh's comments about Kaepernick's future (40:40), Bonds returns to the Giants (44:40) and they close with Truth or Trash including: we should be more patient with QBs (47:00), Morgan is ready to try the Astro's SPAM grilled cheese sandwich (47:50) and Adrian Peterson's birthday wish is to play for the Raiders (50:20).


Episode 223-Lonzo Ball’s Potential, Warriors upset with OKC, Tom Brady’s Jersey and Highs and Lows

March 21, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show talking about the opening round of March Madness (1:40), they talk about seeing Lonzo Ball in-person and what they liked about him (3:20), Deuce says Morgan reminded him of a certain coach's wife (10:31), the Warriors are upset with OKC and Deuce doesn't get it (13:25), why fans are getting annoyed by Golden State (18:25), the Cavs decide to rest players on a nationally televised games and the NBA wasn't pleased (20:00), they debut a beautiful new Skal song (25:30),  the FBI has found Tom Brady's jersey...Yes, the FBI was investiagting (28:09), more Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders rumors (30:00), why Ray Allen isn't included in the 2008 Celtics reunion (33:12) and they close with highs and lows of the weekend including Dwight Clark (36:35), Northwestern kid (38:09), Big Papa (40:15) and Deuce's CNN appearance (41:40).


Episode 222-Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders? Kerr on Ball and March Madness

March 18, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show talking about the possibility of Marshawn Lynch unretiring to join the Raiders (1:40), why Deuce would be intersted in it (5:45), the Raiders landing Jared Cook (15:35), if Richard Sherman could be traded soon and they wonder if they think their is an untouchable player in the NFL (19:05), they talk about why Kap doesn't have a new team yet (22:21), Rex Ryan lands with ESPN and Deuce isn't bothered by his foot fetish (26:15), why Morgan was sad watching March Madness (32:17), Steve Kerr thinks LaVar Ball isn't helping his kids (37:20) and they discussed the media trying to stir things up between Westbrook and Curry (40:40)


Episode 221-Players To Watch During March Madness and Skal’s Coming Out Party

March 17, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show bringing up Bobby Gerould from HoopObession.com to talk about the players to watch in the tournament, Skal's development and what he saw from him in college (1:25),  Bobby says Skal's ceiling is super high (4:15), he explains why he feels different about the Kings now (5:45), how is dad, Gary Gerould, got him into watching basketball as a kid (7:05), he tells us the unique story about how his dad got the Kings job in 1985 (8:30) and Bobby says this NBA Draft will be really deep and Lonzo Ball is a can't-miss prospect (10:25), what he likes about Lonzo Ball (12:42). Deuce and Morgan talk about Skal's big night and why they're so excited about him (19:30), why the Kings are in a better position now compared to a month ago (26:30), UC Davis advances to take on Kansas (28:40), someone asks Deuce to choose between Skal and Malachi (30:29), the Raiders lose Murray to the Vikings (36:48) and how Anthony Rizzo's naked speech inspired the Cubs before Game 7 (41:10).


Episode 220-Warriors In Trouble, Barkley vs. Ball and Ryan Leaf Turns Life Around

March 16, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce bragging about his appearance on CNN.......Philippines (1:20), Kirk Cousins says he simply inquired about a trade (4:00), Eddie Lacy's contract has a weight bonus (6:10), the Warriors struggle to beat the Sixers why they should be concerned (9:05), when Durant may be back (14:15), they talk about a Barkley-LaVar Ball showdown and Deuce has an idea of having them go head-to-head on All-Star weekend (14:40), Nets fans were cheering for Westbrook so they talk about how they feel bad for Nets fans (18:05), the college player who choked his teammate (23:50) and they give the 'Positive Sports Story of the Day' about Ryan Leaf (30:10).


Episode 219-LaVar Ball vs. MJ, Zeke Elliot Partying and Know Your Basketball, Kids

March 15, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing Lonzo Ball's comments about being able to beat MJ, a billion dollar shoe deal and how he doesn't think he's a distraction (2:20), they wonder how Lonzo Ball's draft workouts will go and how teams will deal with his father (8:00), they like the addition of Patterson to the Raiders (11:00), Deuce is bummed that DeMarcus Ware is retiring (13:05), Morgan has issues with Zeke Elliott's St. Patrick's partying (17:05), the Kings snapped their 8-game skid and Deuce is in love with Skal (22:32), Deuce has a special March Madness edition of "Know Your Basketball, Kids" (26:15), Morgan performs her basketball song she wrote in the 7th grade (31:00), a fan says Morgan sounds like Whitney Houston (33:20), Truth or Trash feature's LaVar Ball (35:30), Eddie Lacy to the Seahawks (37:00) and most NFL players don't like playing football (40:32).


Episode 218-Kerr Rests All His Guys, New Blood in NBA and Highs & Lows

March 14, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing Steve Kerr resting his players against the Spurs (1:00), they discuss how they could've spaced out the rest for his playeurs (4:05), why it's bad for the fans and Jeff Van Gundy raises an interesting point (8:30), the issues facing some of the top teams in the NBA (22:30), the Cavs adding Larry Sanders (24:40), what they're seeing from the Kings (32:10), Cousins having issues in New Orleans (37:30), why the Cowboys won't be trading Romo and Deuce says we don't appreciate him like we should (40:30), the Packers get even stronger with the addition of Bennett (45:00), they have highs and lows of the weekend including UC Davis (47:28), DeAngelo Williams themed-birthday party (48:00), a NASCAR fight (51:00) and Deuce gets frustrated with people who pretend to be college basketball experts (52:40).


Episode 217-Browns Want Garoppolo, Aldon’s Smith’s Issue and NBA MVP Race

March 11, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show talking about Jimmy G's instagram getting hacked (1:30), Adam Schefter is holding firm that the Patrots won't trade Jimmy Garoppolo (4:39), the Browns aren't too thrilled about Brock and they discuss if they feel bad for Brock (7:03), the Redskins fire GM Scot McCloughan (13:30), Aldon Smith needs major help (15:32), they discuss their MVP power rankings after Westbrook's triple-double against the Spurs (22:42), a Blazers big man did something that hasn't been done since '03 and so Deuce overhypes him (30:45), they talked about Lonzo Ball's game against USC and what they think about him at the next level (36:15), Deuce loves Bill Walton on the broadcast and Morgan does a really poor impersonation (40:20) and they close with the positive sports story of the day (42:30).


Episode 216-Brock Traded To Browns, Romo On The Move, Warriors In Trouble?

March 10, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show talking about a wild trade in the NFL with Brock going to the Browns in a salary dump (1:30), the Texans chasing Romo (3:40), Romo's message to fans (5:00), why the Browns made this deal (6:00), they discuss the 49ers landing Brian Hoyer and what it means for Kirk Cousins (18:00), they discussed the other free agent deals by the 49ers (19:50), Jay Cutler getting released by the Bears (25:50), Deuce doesn't understand why the Bears signed Mike Glennon (29:20), the shocking 49ers stat of the day (31:10), the Raiders interest in Peterson and Eddie Lacy (32:27), the Celtics big win against the Warriors and if the Dubs are in trouble (35:50), Durant comments about when he may be back (37:40), Deuce is really excited about Skal (42:00) and they close with a special edition of Know Your Basketball, Kids (49:40).


Episode 215-Kirk Cousins to the 49ers? Lonzo Ball’s Draft Stock and Dirk Makes History

March 9, 2017

Deuce and Morgan start the podcast discussing the likelihood of Kirk Cousins being the 49ers QB (1:00), why adding Garcon makes sense (2:00), if they're cool with adding Cousins (6:20), why Washington may be forced to move him (9:40), other QBs who may be available via trade (16:15), Rudy Gay may still be with the Kings next year (19:10), they discussed the TMZ report that says Ty Lawson tested positive for booze multiple times (26:14), Dirk makes history and they look back at how the Mavs landed the future hall of famer in the draft (31:20), one GM wonders if Lonzo Ball's dad is hurting his draft stock (36:00) and how the Kings were involved in the latest Lakers drama (43:00)


Episode 214-Kawhi’s Underappreciated, All-Star Game Changes and Raiders Move

March 8, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show discussing Kawhi's performance and his MVP chances (1:30), how the NBA drug tested him after his 39-point game (8:30), an NBA player calls out his coach (16:00), the Andrew Bogut era in Cleveland comes to an end (19:30), Cousins yells at a fan and it was caught on video (22:50), the Patriots have a ton of cap space and Adrian Peterson is interested (28:15), the latest on the Raiders attempt to move to Vegas and why Deuce is skeptical (30:40) and they close with Truth OR Trash including NBA All-Star game changes (35:50), the NFL combine should be open to the public (40:20), Bogut's injury doesn't change a thing for the Cavs title chances (41:30), Barkley is right for calling out Lonzo Ball's dad (42:30) and Undertaker's return is good for WWE (47:20).