Episode 236-Westbrook Sets Record, Romo To The Mavs and Highs/Lows

April 11, 2017

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing Westbrook's amazing game-winner and set the All-Time triple-double mark (2:10), Deuce doesn't like that the MVP won't be announced until June 26th (8:17), the West playoff matchups are set (10:20), Harden campaigns for MVP and they dicuss it (10:45), the Cavs blow a 26-point lead and Deuce wonders if there's more going on in the Cleveland locker room (15:05), Jerry West says he doesn't like being called "The Logo" and he wishes the league should change it (23:51), who should be the next NBA logo (25:35), the NBA player who pissed off the opposing team and gamblers in the same night (28:00), Deuce is thinking about becoming a Mavs fan after he found out how they will honor Romo (30:30), they wonder if it'd be cool if he actually played in the game (32:45), the 49ers make a good decision and so does their new RB (37:30) and they close with highs and lows of the weekending including Sergio's win (44:35), Dame Lillard (48:00), and why Westbrook is Deuce's low of the weekend (49:45).


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