Episode 241-NBA Playoff Weekend and Highs/Lows

April 18, 2017

Morgan and Deuce look back at the NBA Playoff weekend including Paul George not getting the last shot against Cleveland (1:30), if the best player has to take the last shot (5:00), the Cavs issues on defense (7:31), The Greek Freak's incredible game against Toronto and what's up with Kyle Lowry (9:30), the Spurs blowout win over Memphis and Deuce gave Memphis credit for something they were doing late in the game (15:29), Gobert's injury, Joe Johnson's big shot and the Clippers playoff issues (18:00), Grumpy Doc Rivers (22:30), the physicality in the Wizards-Hawks series (24:30), they looked back at Draymond's performance against Portland and why it's going to be a great series (26:20), Kerr was in love with Draymond's game (30:08), Isaiah's emotional night after losing his sister (34:19), Houston handles OKC without making a ton of threes (41:55), Harden getting the bigs defending him on the switch (42:33), Deuce's favorite play was Adams with a monster screen on Beverely (44:30), Morgan isn't surprised Harden and Westbrook aren't talking during the playoffs (47:00) and they close with highs and lows of the sports weekend (48:40).


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