Episode 250-Kings head coach Dave Joerger

April 29, 2017

Deuce and Mo catch up with Sacramento Kings head coach Dave Joerger about his experience in the community of Sacramento (1:40), when he knew he wanted to be a head coach (2:20), what his game was like in high school and college (3:30), how he builds relationships with his staff and players (6:00), advice he would give to someone if they wanted to get into coaching (7:20), on what he does to unwind (8:35), why he wants to take some of the young guys to NBA Playoff games (9:35), how he works on his craft during the offseason (11:15), how his teams get a reputation for playing hard (13:10), his upcoming coach's clinic (15:10), Deuce asks how a coach or defender is supposed to deal with offense players having so many advantages in the NBA (16:40), why he's excited for the future of the Kings (20:05), how they may get even younger next year and the word of advice he recently received from a high school coach (20:40).


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