Episode 260-What happened to Harden? Spurs-Warriors and Friday Mailbag

May 13, 2017

Morgan and Deuce start the show talking the about the Spurs incredible 39-point victory over the Rockets (1:00), what happened to James Harden (2:00), Popovich's adjustments defending the pick and roll and their defense at the rim (5:12), Pop making sure his guys are ready to go and D'Antoni not trusting his bench (8:54), how LaMarcus looked like the player we saw in Portland (11:00), Ryan Anderson's weird shooting numbers at home (13:30), how the Spurs built their team with late pick and development (18:10), the Warriors are heavy-favorites against San Antonio (20:45), they talk about if the Spurs have a chance (25:05), Magic Johnson isn't concerned with LaVar Ball (27:20), Morgan can't believe that Deuce would want LaVar Ball on the podcast (28:40), Tom Brady is on the cover of Madden and if he's worried about the Madden Curse (30:20), Solomon Thomas weighed 195 pounds in the 4th grade (33:10), the A's new ballpark pass is awesome (36:30) and they close with the Friday Mailbag from the loyal Deuce-Bags and MoRons (39:40).


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